Assistance for Went, the digital card video game to the world of The Witcher, will quickly end.
This has now officially revealed this at CD Project Red.
However, the game should be playable online for years.
In 2023, 72 new cards will be released throughout 3 extensions (in April, July and September 2023), and there will likewise be 2 eSport tournaments and monthly balance modifications.
From 2024 it is really over.


This is how it goes with Went Next-without Assistance

A spokesperson for CD Project Red discussed to IGN that a small group of developers will still take care of Gwent-but really only in low capability to keep the game going.
From 2024, the game should be put in the hands of the neighborhood- Task Gentility is called.
There will be constraints that make sure that control and devastating changes are avoided.

The Went card game was currently playable in Witcher 3.
Source: CD project
Went not just had many extensions and competitions, but likewise spin-offs: On the one hand, Throne breaker: The Witcher Tales as an RPG branch in 2018. But in 2022 the Standalone expansion Went: Rogue Mage appeared, which on her own gameplay special features
What is your opinion about Went?
Could the card game motivate you?
Will you miss it?
Or are there also good factors for you that Went no longer receives assistance?
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