Judas is a new game developed and published by Ghost Story Games, a new studio led by Ken Kevin.
There is little known about this game, but it attracted the attention of the game community with its unique visual effects and a bizarre theme.

everything we know about Jude

Judas remains a mystery, but we know that this happens on a decaying spaceship and follows Judah when she tries to escape.
In the official trailer, many elements of this narrative FPS were shown, including characters, strange robots and much more.
That’s all we know about Judah.

What is the release date of Judas?

Currently, the release date for Judas is not known.
It was presented during The Game Awards 2022, so we can expect that it will be released at least a year or two before its release.
You can monitor the official Ghosts of Twitter ghosts for additional information and updates.

on what platforms will Judas be?

Judas will be a multi-platform release, which means that players on most platforms will be able to enjoy this game.

Here you can play Judas.
prefix 5
Xbox Series X | S

Judas looks like Bios hock?

Judas is largely similar to the Bios hock series both in appearance and in the subject.
This is due to the fact that Ghost Story Games is headed by Ken Kevin, creative director of Bios hock, Bios hock 2 and Bios hock Infinite.
Fans of the series will probably like what Judas can offer, and they will experience a new era of gameplay, similar to Bios hock.

Judah Trailer

Judas was officially presented during The Game Awards 2022. You can see the official trailer on the Ghost Story Games YouTube channel and get first glance for the upcoming game.


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