As soon as you master the treasure hunt, the game will tell you that your reputation is high enough for Rival Gangs to aim at your prey.

The textbook does not really say what this means, about its consequences and whether you should avoid this, so let’s look at this in this guide.
Here’s what you need to know about rival gangs in Dragon Quest Treasures.

Should you allow competing gangs to attack you in Dragon Quest Treasures?

If you want to believe it, you want not, but the best step you need to take when you get a warning about the gang of rivals is just let them come.
As soon as the gang of rivals approaches, they will not immediately steal your treasures.
They must first defeat the monsters who hold them.
It is not easy to defeat Rival Gang.
The first competing gang that aims at you will be nearby.
The same level as you (if not two or three numbers higher).
This is feasible.
Just make sure that you also have a monster who knows healing, for example, the Minister of Shadows, in case other members of your group are in a difficult situation.
Support your teammates with granules.
As soon as you defeat a competing gang, after a certain time you will attack you.
Just beat again.
After winning two or three competing gangs during the expedition, a cool gang will attack your group.
Cool gangs will always be at least ten levels higher than Eric or Mia.
This is dangerous, but Tough Gangs can still be defeated.

How to win steep gangs

If you plan to stay at home for a long time until hard gangs come, you need:
Bring a higher level of a higher level or approximately the level of Eric or Mia and having a powerful special attack in the area, such as Killing Machines.
Make sure that your sensor has at least one full strip.
At that moment, when a strong gang approaches your group, clap their special attack (button with an arrow R + is assigned to the monster).
You can even use two for a good measure.
We personally shot a ton of steep gangs in this way.


In extreme cases, be sure to support your group with electric shock granules.
You can also feed your monsters’ food to increase your statistics.
The complexity of Rival Gang is dropped whenever you return to the base.
If you do not feel that you can withstand another battle, return.

Are there any awards for the victory over Rival Gangs?

You will not get any treasures if you defeat competing gangs that attack you.
However, these monsters will fall silver and higher medals.
Medals can be used to strengthen your team, so they are very valuable.
Of course, if you find the Rival Gang base and take their flag, you will receive treasures as a reward.

How to run away from competing gangs in Dragon Quest Treasures

If you are at the epicenter of a gang battle and understand that you are losing, you can escape.
Use the wing of chimeras.
This can be found in your menu, in addition to the settings and the retreat buttons.
You can also retreat, but you cannot save the collected treasure.

How to get the wings of chimeras in Dragon Quest Treasures

Chimera wings cannot be made or buying, so it is important to use them only in emergency cases.
Nevertheless, you can always earn two a day, performing daily quests.
Some side quests will also give them as a reward.
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