In our Amarillo guide to Pokémon Parmesan & Purpura, you can find out:
How you get an Amarillo with the attack stomach drum
Which Pokémon and which item you need for it
One of the best Pokémon to survive the plural raid in Pokémon Parmesan & Purpura is an Amarillo with the belly drum attack.
In our guide we tell you how you teach your Amarillo the attack.
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Amarillo with abdominal drum-this is how it works

In the following we tell you step by step how you get an Amarillo with the attack stomach drum in Pokémon Parmesan & Purpura by transferring the attack from another Pokémon to Amarillo.

Where can I catch Amarillo?

You can catch Amarillo in the north of the western Zone 3 on Lake Calder.


Just run along the cliffs for a while until you hit one of the water Pokémon.

Haryana with the attack belly drum

Go to the southern Zone 6 and enter the Amarillo grotto.
In this cave you will usually find a lot of Haryana and their pre-development Maturity.
The attack stomach drum learns Haryana with level 26.
If your captured Haryana has already exceeded level 26 and do not have belly drum in his attack pool, there is a trick on how you can teach him the attack.
Select Haryana in the menu and manage on attacks> Remembering old attacks, then selects belly drum and let it forget a different attack.

Buy copy of the City in Tarragona City

With the item Copier herb you can transfer attacks from a Pokémon to another Pokémon.
You can buy copier herb in Tarragona City from the botobeutel shop for 30,000 Pokédollar.
You can find it in the shop under the menu item Items for the fight.

Amarillo teach the attack stomach drum

Before you transfer the attack, make sure that you only have Amarillo and Haryana in the team.
Otherwise, it can happen that Amarillo learns an attack from another Pokémon in a team.
Give Amarillo the item Copier herb and have it forgotten an attack so that a free attack space is available (Manage attacks> Current attack).
Starts a picnic with Amarillo and Haryana and wait a while.
As soon as you end the picnic, Amarillo should have learned the attack belly drum.
If Amarillo has not learned the attack, the picnic starts again and just wait a little longer.

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