Wright Flyer Studios’ solo play-only RPG ‘Cats beyond the construction of Another Eden’ on December 13 (Tuesday), ‘Another Eden Festival 2022 Winter Global’ live broadcast on December 13 (Tue)
And the collaboration was announced.

The collaboration quest, the conception of the Salvation, and the Giant Tree of Dawn, will be released on December 20, 2022, and will appear as the main character and heroine of each collaboration work.
Clear a collaboration quest to recruit as a colleague.


This collaboration is the first collaboration that Tales of Arise characters appear as playable characters in works other than the Tales of series.

In addition, Genius (CV: Orizaba Ai), Zeros (CV: Osaka Malaya), Lin well (CV: Hara Saudi), and Duo Hakim (CV: Kabuki Kasai) appear in the collaboration quests.
Likewise, new elements, including Bio of Tales of the Tales of the series, have been added.

The opening animation produced for this collaboration was composed by PRODUCTION I. G, as in the first part of the Tales of Series Collaboration, and the theme song was composed by Kankakee Piero, who was in charge of the opening theme of Tales of Arise.

The original opening animation with the new song “ The Light ” can be heard in the collaboration PV released today, and can be heard in the game after the collaboration.