Even before the sale of Crystal Dynamics, it was already known that this team was working on a new installment of Tomb Raider, which is being created using Unreal Engine 5. Now, today it has been revealed that Amazon Games will help
Not only in the development of this title, but will also be in charge of its publication.
Through a statement, it has been confirmed that Tomb Raider’s next game will be built in collaboration with Amazon, from development to publication.
Along with this, it has been revealed that this title will be a single player adventure with an approach to the narrative, which will continue with what is seen in the previous trilogy.
This was what was said about it:

It includes all the elements that have turned Tomb Rider into one of the most revered video games, giving the players the control of the confident and multidimensional heroine Lara Croft in an environment that rewards the exploration and creative search for roads, with amazing puzzles to resolve and a wide variety of enemies to face and win.
In this regard, Christoph Hartmann, vice president of Amazon Games, commented:
Tomb Raider is one of the most beloved IPs in the history of entertainment.
Amazon Games undertakes to give players games of the highest quality, of the best developers, in the entire variety of platforms and genres, and we are honored by the opportunity to work with this historical developer and franchise.

Our team is incredibly excited to collaborate with the talented and visionary Crystal Dynamics team to take the next chapter of the Lara Croft saga to the players from all over the world.
For his part, Scot Amos, head of study of Crystal Dynamics, added:
Crystal Dynamics has an extraordinary opportunity after our acquisition by embarrassing to redefine what is an editorial relationship for Tomb Raider.

What we are looking for is transformative, and with Amazon Games, we find a team that shares our creative vision, ambitions and values for a universe by Lara Croft throughout the spectrum of possibilities.

They are in a unique position to rewrite what the publication and development collaborations are, and we are eager to forge this new path together, starting with the construction of the best and greatest Tomb Raider game so far.
Unfortunately, for the moment there are no more details, and the launch date of the new adventure of Lara Croft is unknown.


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Editor’s note:
It is something strange that Crystal Dynamics, who are already part of embrace Group, require help to publish their game.
Easily, companies like Deep Silver could take care of this.
We also need to see what Amazon will win.
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