The art generated by artificial intelligence has been a very controversial issue in recent days, and sites such as ArtStation have been in the center of the greatest conflicts with the public.
After the community expressed its discontent with the attention that this technique received in recent days, the users of this platform have protested against.


A couple of days ago, ArtStation’s main page was starring art generated by artificial intelligence, something that was not to the community, who protested with their own art.
To prevent this conflict from climbing, those responsible for the site shared a new section of frequent questions, where they made clear their position before this trend.
This was what was said about it:

We believe that artists must be free to decide how their art is used and, at the same time, we do not want
of copyright.
So, here are our current plans:

We plan to add labels that allow artists to choose whether to explicitly allow the use of their art to (1) train in non-commercial research and (2) train in commercial.
We plan to update the terms of service of the ArtStation website to prohibit the use of art by the AI when the artist has chosen not to allow it.
We do not plan to add any of these labels by default, in which case the use of art by AI will be governed only by the copyright law instead of the restrictions of our terms of service.

We appreciate the comments on this topic in rapid evolution.
In response, ArtStation’s main page was starring hundreds of images protesting this position.
In social networks, a user commented:
Well, any hope that ArtStation had to take off as the next best platform for artists to build a community has now left.
How do you worry about not disturbing the technological brothers to protect the work of real artists on your platform?
For its part, ArtStation has not shared a message related to the position of the public.
However, considering their recent actions, they are very likely to keep silent and stay away from the theme of artificial intelligence in the next few days.
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Editor’s note:
As a small experiment and something fun, the art generated by artificial intelligence is harmless.
However, once this is seen as the next step for art, then we get into problems, since it is not.

He does not doubt that in the future it is used as a tool, but will never exceed everything the human creates.