Dragon Quest Treasures has a unique combat system focused on actions.

This reminds us of the Gambia system from Final Fantasy XII, where it is more important to control your group, and not to focus on the actions of individual characters.
Instead of using the established parameters, to influence the groups of the group cured, etc., Dragon Quest Treasures gives you a catapult or a slingshot to control the battlefield.
Here’s how to effectively use the catapult in Dragon Quest Treasures.

How to use the catapult system in Dragon Quest Treasures

After you used your catapult to knock down Pursue and Porous, the Dragon Quest Treasures leaves you in private in order to deal with the management and usefulness of your catapult.
Eric and Mia usually do not cause much damage to physical attacks.
Instead, you will often use your catapult system to maintain your group’s health, tame certain monsters or use enemy weaknesses.
As soon as you get acquainted with the battle on the island of Waterlogging, you will quickly collect and can use not only ordinary pellets.
Pressing D, while in your aiming mode, fortunately, will suspend the battle while you choose bullets.
If you cannot find pellets that you are looking for, this may be due to the fact that the pellet menu is organized by categories.
Suppose you want to use Spiky Pellets, but you cannot find them.


You will need to use the key with arrows left and right to highlight the physical category, then the keys with arrows up and down to choose which physical bullet you want to use.
For your catapult there is a function of automatic aiming, but you will need to press the L and P button for switching targets, continuing to hold the ZR button.
The battle continues until it stops, when you are trying to change the target.
This can complicate the task of the healer of your group, since you cannot reassign the configuration of buttons in the Dragon Quest Treasures.
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