FOCUS Home Entertainment and the Para sight are pleased to be able to reveal that your modernistic first-person action adventure, blackmail, is now readily available.
The game is available on PC, Xbox X | s and PlayStation 5, where the now awakened extraordinary forests of Blackmail are waiting on you to get a dark and moving story in movement.

  • Buy blackmail for ~ ~ 29.99 euros ~ ~ -23.99 euros in the Microsoft Store
    Let the launch trailer bring you to the course of the forest and start your experience!
    Produced by the Polish indie studio The Para sight and driven by Focus Home entertainment, Blackmail tells the myth of the Baba Saga.
    You play as a Saga, a 16-year-old woman who was accused of witchcraft and driven out of a Middle Ages, Slavic settlement.


Establish the surrounding puzzles, while you are pursuing living memories of your past, who have actually returned as rush, altering ghosts.
In addition to the proficiency of your loyal arcs, plants and gloves to master interesting manager battles, you will also build arrows and brew elixirs, hunt wild animals and collect resources to enhance your abilities, adjust your playing style and make it through the ominous environment.
Every decision is essential deep in the forests.
If you wish to be an excellent or bad witch, decide on the fate of the nation and its occupants and observes the influence that your decisions have on your skills-thanks to the moral system in blackmail.