Ash Ketchup from Pokémon is one of the most iconic and beloved anime characters of all time. In this article, you’ll learn about some of the changes that have occurred in the world of anime since he first appeared on our screens in 1997.

While Pokémon Parmesan and purple are presently motivating countless fans, a lot is happening in anime.
So Ash recently became a Pokémon master!
The concern develops: what’s next?
What does the future of the young fitness instructor look like?
There is the response on Twitter.

this might look like in the future

Ash Ketchup has become Pokémon champ this year!
You finally need to state.

After all, the anime has been running given that 1997 and in spite of numerous victories and restarts, the boy from Alabaster has actually never approved the title of all titles.
That has actually now changed and the delight of the fans who commemorated the triumph of Ash on Twitter, YouTube and Reddit thoroughly was correspondingly terrific.
This climax likewise has a bitter-sweetness.
Is the journey of Ash over with it?
What’s next?
An artist on Twitter has the answer ready and presents his variation of an older ASH:
There was no rigorous way.
Ash has just become a little bigger and narrower.
And his clothes are brand-new.
Obviously, the obligatory gloves and the baseball cap must not be missing out on.
The community likes the concept of an older Ash and still showered the tweet with many comments, shares and likes.
And we likewise like the concept of a leap in time in the editorial team-especially given that a cut is a popular storytelling technique in the location of anime and would therefore not be that not likely.

How will Ash’s journey really go on?

What the real future of Ash looks like is still unclear.


There are reports that the anime might get an entirely new main character.
Or maybe another reboot awaits us.
In either case: The Pokémon universe will accompany us for a while, whether as an anime, computer game or in the form of valuable collection cards.