A new error in Iago has been found in these first compasses of the preseason, and that many people probably do not surprise.
The ruined king is competing for the title of champion with more mistakes in the history of the game, and in a hard struggle with Shack for seeing which champion he has more mistakes in League of Legends.


This bug, in the hands of a skilled player, can take advantage of a bug and turn a key round

What happens to Iago, and why is this error?

This bug appears when Diego takes control of the soul of an enemy Lulu.
For those who are not too familiar with the mechanics of the witch Wordle, you should know that the latter is accompanied by a fairy called Pix.

It is this fairy that Lulu sends to put a shield to an ally, or transform an opponent into a squirrel.
Normally it cannot be the objective of enemy skills except sometimes very, very counted.
Only when Diego becomes the body of an enemy Lulu, the generated pix becomes the objective of the opponents.
Therefore, Diego can use it to take the skill of an opponent in his place, which is not normally possible.
It is true that good use of this function is difficult to achieve voluntarily, but you can completely change a team fight.
Of course this does not mean that Diego’s excellent players focus on Lulu, but we go from a possession with little interest to good possession.

First time in Lol?

It is not the first time that an element that should be unattainable decides to be embedded in the game, for better but above all for evil.
The best known example of this refers to Bard.
During the launch of the Dragon Hex tech, when the latter took care of the invoked’s crack, the MEPs became a goal after the latter passed through a Hex tech portal.
Like Iago’s Pix, this allowed him to block skill shots that should have hit him.