Xiao is among the favorites of the Genshin Impact community that always celeates their wraps.
The five stars is a spear user and has fast attacks.

Unlike your build, which can sometimes be challenging, your team compositions are often quieter, with characters that are usually present between the players’ arsenal.


Xiao has a great resonance with eggs such as Albedo and Zwingli, which usually appear in team formations with Yaks ha.
In addition to a squire like Arc hon is an advantageous option for protecting Xiao, as it will be more vulnerable when using its Supreme.
The character needs a support that can restore his life and assist him with damage buffs to stimulate his offense.
A battery also needs to be between team formation to help Xiao at the high cost of your Supreme.
The compositions can be made in many ways, Xiao is a DPS that can stand out alone and the others will almost just help you with some buffs and rebuffs.

Option 1: Maiden, Zwingli and Tarzan

Xiao needs a battery to recharge the energy of his supreme, such as Vent and Necrosis, which can generate elemental resonance.
But for those who prefer an elemental variety in the team, Maiden is also an effective option.
In addition to sustaining the team, Arc hon can also take the front line as secondary DPS and its high application of electron damage can be scattered by the Yaks ha Animus.
Without Vent or Necrosis in this team Xiao can still have elemental resonance with Tarzan, resulting in Anemia agility.


The effect decreases stamina consumption by 15%, increases movement speed by 10%and decreases reload of skill by 5%.
As a support, Tarzan will still decrease the animus resistance of enemies and increase the animus damage, paving the way for Xiao attacks.
Zwingli is the shield needed for Xiao, as prolonged use of the Supreme will make Yaks ha have his life diminished and is more vulnerable.
With the jade shield, allies decrease the elemental and physical resistance of all enemies by 20% in a small area.
In addition to other buffs and rebuffs that will accompany the team thanks to the passive of arc once.

Option 2: Albedo, Jean and Zwingli

This composition is the most standard for Xiao and used by many players.
Although Zwingli and Albedo can act as secondary DPS, here Xiao stands out alone and the pair can function as a support, as with Jean.
The double of Gets and a pair of An emos will allow the resonance of geography durability and agility anemia.
With Geo, the strength of the shield increases by 15%.
In addition, when the character is protected by the shield, it has the following effects: damage caused increases by 15%, however, when causing damage to enemies, resistance against the geography element of enemies decreases by 20% by 15s.
Jean will be responsible for the cure of allies and battery for the Supreme of Xiao.
With its C4, it can further help DPS by decreasing the animus resistance of opponents.

Option 3: Elan, Bennet and Tarzan

It is possible to form a more economical team for Xiao, with Elan, Bennet and Tarzan.
In this formation, Elan will be secondary DPS and will provide continuous hydro off the field, which can react with Bennet Pro for vaporization reaction.
The four stars will function as a support, with your attack bonus you can cure the allies, ideal for Xiao, as your life will be spent during the use of the Supreme.
In this team, Tarzan will again decrease the animus resistance of enemies and give Xiao bonus damage, and when it has its C6, the Tarzan Supreme will provide increased critical damage to Xiao.