It is worth undertaking secondary missions in Dead Space Remake, but they are a bit more complicated than looking for articles.
Some require that you decipher the clues established in their descriptions, while others force you to carefully examine different locations in search of hidden clues.
Such is the case of the secondary mission of premeditated bad praxis, and if you have been perplexed in any phase, do not worry.
We are here to help with a guide on where to find the Bridge report at Dead Space Remake.

Location of the Dead Space Remake bridge report

During the secondary mission of bad premeditated practice at Dead Space Remake, the task of tracking a report sent to the bridge by Nicole that will shed light on Dr. Mercer’s Mesomorph investigation will be assigned.
While the game will guide him to the room where he can find this report whenever he has the task established as his active mission, he will not allow him to know where he is specifically or how he looks.
This is because the report is a recording made with part of the holographic technology of screens and terminals.
He is quite well hidden and will only appear to interact with him once you are close enough.
Otherwise, it is not distinguished in any way, which means that it can easily happen without even realizing that it was there.
Fortunately, we have taken screenshots both from its location on the map and the specific place where you can interact with it.
Both can be found for reference below.
screen capture through Motive and EA screen capture through Motive and EA
Once you find this point, simply interact with it to activate the bridge report.
Then a holographic scene will be reproduced with Nicole and Captain Mathias, in which they will escape that Dr. Mercer was taking his patient Harris to hydropony.
The secondary mission of premeditated negligence will direct it to the next step, in which you must investigate a bit to get additional clues that illuminate the truth of Dr. Mercer’s experiments.
And with that you know where to find the Bridge report at Dead Space Remake.
With luck, this will allow you to invest more time in surviving Chimera’s horrors and unraveling the sad story of how it came to the state in which it is.
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