For spoken has a huge studied world with many creatures, from zombie people to a flying dragon.
Asia also has various features of the relief and variable weather conditions throughout the continent.
In this leadership, we learn what Brainstorms are, where they meet and why they bring the most deadly beings with them.

What is Break storms in For spoken?

According to the game magazine, Break storms is huge whirlpools of concentrated Break.
Rupture or spoilage is a phenomenon that has been haunting ate for decades, turning people and animals into terrifying creatures.
In the depths of damage, where the tanks live, the effects of the fault are most strong.
In these areas you sometimes get stuck in the middle of Bergstrom.

how to survive a storm

When Bergstrom arrives, it brings blue fog, strong wind and nightmares.
Nightmares are considered the most deadly of all creatures.
These enemies will attack you, and it is best to run away from them.
In addition, Bergstrom continues to take away a small part of your health.
Therefore, it is advisable to find the nearest shelter of the pilgrims and relax a bit until the storm subsides.

All types of nightmares in For spoken

There are six different types of nightmares that you may encounter in Bergstrom.
You can fight with them for additional experience, but you must use the right magic.


Below is a list of all nightmares and magic, to which they are most vulnerable:
Sorcerer’s carcass: magi col / green magic
Split carcass: magi col / green magic
Split wing: the magic of law / Blue Magic
Riven horn: Freya magic / purple magic
Split claw: power magic / red magic
In addition to these creatures, there may be a chance that a giant nightmare will appear inside Bergstrom.
These are one of the largest creatures in the whole, and it is extremely difficult to kill them.
Nevertheless, you can fight it if you are well-prepared with improved characteristics, high-level magic spells, improved equipment and sufficient number of therapeutic objects.

How to win giant nightmares in For spoken

The cycle is a giant nightmare of a round shape with many tentacles surrounding its giant eye in the middle.
This creature is vulnerable to the magic of power, so we recommend that you use red magic spells to kill it faster.
Use the Surge Magic (LT + RT) or Crucible spell to burn his tentacles, and then attack his eyes while he is vulnerable.
In the same way, Brandishing is a snake-like monster, which can be defeated with the help of Olga magic.
Barmaglot is another slender, similar to a horse, a creature that you can deal with using Frey’s magic, and remember that his eyes are his weak place.
You can also find reduced versions of these giant nightmares in memories and closed labyrinths.
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