A quite ambitious video game was released a few days ago, Dead Space’s remake, a game that aspires to be one of the most important horror releases with some changes involved.
And with the success achieved, it has been questioned about whether its creators, EA motivate, can one day continue to launch more sequels of the series.
To find out a little more about it, a United Kingdom magazine has interviewed Phil Du char me, senior producer, and Roman Campos-Oriola, creative director, from EA Motive.
Those who have answered some interesting issues, which really did not confirm that they could make more games in the saga in the future.
Here are some of your questions:
Horror expectations have changed significantly in the last 15 years.
How do you deal with that?

Phil Du char me: the first thing we established as a goal for the team was that we needed to honor the legacy of the original game.
We were extremely cautious not to enter and say Oh, we can do better and begin to destroy it, breaking the essence of what made Dead Space so special.

Roman Campos-Oriola: Our pillars come from the original experience: science fiction terror, uninterrupted immersion and creative gameplay.

Any novelty, improvement, enrichment or whatever had to fit into one of those pillars.
So, for example, the decision to have completely interconnected chimera without camera cuts comes from [us saying] how we can improve that uninterrupted immersion.
Everything you see can be seen by your character, the user interface is diegetic.
But every hour or so they took you out of that experience, due to load screens.
When Dead Space arrived in 2008, horror games were a bit calm.
Resident Evil was at a low point.
Now that series is in its peak, with its own remakes that have been the driving force behind that success.
Was that an inspiration to rebuild this particular game?

PD: Sure, in the mid-2000s, horror was more a niche.
Now you get national premieres of horror movies and have great box office hits, so I think Dead Space helped boost horror in that direction before he disappeared from the map.
So surely, for us.
I think it is the right time for us to bring Dead Space back and make it relevant again, so that people experience it in a newer way and with a flavor that is a little more than 2023.
We read that he used the community’s fans base to obtain the new most authentic and respectful version he could.
That’s right?
PD: The first thing we did with all who joined the project was, here are some codes for Dead Space 1, 2 and 3. If you have not played, go and play.
If you have played, go and play because your memory will fail.
But since we did not want to fall into the trap of assuming that we knew better, we also retained the Community Council: these unconditional and passionate fans.
We made a deal with them, you are not here to please us, you are here to tell us, you are stupid, you are making an error.

They obtained access not revealed to everything, things in progress that you would never show external people.


They were getting everything to be able to interrupt and say: Hey, are you sure that this is what you are trying to achieve?
The treatment we had with them was that we will not always agree, but we have to be able to explain why we change something.
And if our explanation fails, then we have to question and say: Is that really intelligent to change here?
Remember that Dead Space is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.
Via: GQ Magazine
Editor’s note: Without a doubt it must have been a difficult process to carry out the remake, with some changes that do not end up so much to get out of the essence of the game.
So, if the series must continue, it is best to be in the hands of EA motivate