India video game that knew how to puncture the curiosity of many gamers during its promotional project, Season: a letter for the future has actually been readily available considering that yesterday, January 31, 2023. It is therefore a chance for the developers of Scavengers Studio to offer us
A launch trailer and summarize us in less than a minute which awaits us in this journey to bike.


For individuals who have missed the news of the game, it is a question of following the adventures of Estelle who will leave her native town to check out the world, on foot or on her bike.
Very melancholy game in his proposal, Season: a letter for the future is a video game of expedition and environment, with stories of people to discover.
Curious by nature, Estelle strolls with a tape recorder and a video camera that enable her to commemorate certain minutes, however likewise to recuperate clues that can be helpful in her experience.
Quite near a point & click in its structures, Season: A Letter to the Future will certainly stick out in its execution.

It is readily available on PS5, PS4 and pc.