George Lucas wrote film history with his Star Wars series and inspires millions of fans all over the world.
No surprise that new theories routinely appear, attempt to explain and link the movies and actions of the films.
At the end of January, Twitter user Robby now published a theory that the individual names who are actually responsible for the damage to the first death star.
And ahead of time a little spoiler, it’s not Luke Skywalker!
Rather, the question leads us to two of the most renowned Star Wars floors.

hero versus will

We find responses in the current live action series Ardor, which reveals the path of the eponymous hero Caspian Ardor from a desperate petty crooks to a convinced strider of the disobedience against the empire.
In the middle of the series, Ardor is incorrectly imprisoned on Name’s world and put it into a royal jail.
Just there does he accept his fate and his future as a rebel.

Who is the real offender now?

This prison sentence was the theory, which paved the method for the insurgents in the movie Rogue One steal the strategies of the Death Star and finally destroy Luke Skywalker.


Who was the person behind Caspian’s wrongly jail?
An anonymous storm cannon fodder, played by none aside from Sam Withers heavyweight in the Star Wars franchise, he is the voice behind the 2 renowned bad people Darth Maul and Galen Marek alias Star killer.
The brand-new Twitter theory therefore specifies that Sam Wither’s nameless storm soldiers is the genuine reason for the destruction of the Death Star.
A minimum of the American star himself discovers a persuading argument.
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