Roblox Pixel Piece is about increasing the level, preparation and collection of a strong devilish fetus.
This is very similar to other games based on One Piece in Roblox, such as Box Fruits, where the player is faced with the task of becoming as strong as possible.
One of the great players in the field of weapons that is hunted is khaki, a powerful weapon that may be a problem for acquiring.
To this end, the players wondered where to find hacks, as well as how to increase its level.

how to unlock hacks in Pixel Piece

khaki v1

Before you start your journey to find khaki, you must first make sure that you are 70 and have 5,000 gold.
These are both requirements even to start the quest in which it can be found.


With this in mind, follow the following steps to find Heidi V1:
Go to Vale Island and talk with the NPC as follows.
As soon as NEXT gives you a quest, go to the left of NEXT and use the teleport to go to the chaos jungle.
Make sure this is the night when you enter.
Once inside, find the ancient gorilla boss.
He will appear at night and will be chained to the ground.
Finding a boss, breaking his chains and then defeat him.
This can be a slow process, so be prepared for the fact that your build with the highest damage and your best armor will cause damage to the tank.
Continue to kill the ancient gorilla until it falls.

Heidi V2 and Heidi V3

Unlocking Khaki V2 is much easier, demanding only that you reach 17,000 skill with Khaki V1.
The same applies to Khaki V3-this update requires a tremendous 50,000 skill with Khaki V2.
The skill of farming can take some time, so it is better to just go to other quests and use khaki against opponents to gradually increase it.

What are the advantages of khaki in Pixel Piece?

The reason you want to use khaki is associated with a Buff of damage in close combat and a sword, each version gives.
On Heidi V1, BF is a simple plus one to damage.
On V2, damage increases to a much more solid plus four to damage.
Finally, in the V3 damage increases to plus the seven-predictive large growth of damage for users of close combat and swordsmen.
Another important remark about Khaki that should be remembered is that it allows you to damage anyone who uses the logic, which makes it invaluable against these opponents.
Along with a huge increase in damage, it also makes hacks a very useful improvement.
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