A couple of days earlier, the Turkish studio Aware Innovation illustrates the gameplay of the alpha variation of its future MMORPG The Quin fall in a long video presentation (below), and seized the day to sketch extremely ambitious objectives: to develop a dynamic and immense world
Of more than 2000 km ² in which NPCs and players are meant to develop realistically, specifically socially.
The project seems especially ambitious for an independent studio, causing legitimately on the designer’s capability to concretize its promises.
Confronted with the doubts of the players, the Aware Technology studio defines these inspirations: the discussion video clearly not planned to prepare a fundraising for the gamers.
The studio indicates that it merely desires to associate gamers with the development process.
This is what Aware Technology groups suggest in a note published on social networks.

With our discussion of gameplay, we desired to illustrate our progress in the development of the game. We wish to specify that we will not look for financial backing from our fans during advancement.
At the very same time, we will punctually release development newspapers in order to keep you notified.


What we want at Aware Technology is to take our fans in the development process-which is why we prepare to lead a vast closed beta throughout the next development phases.
So we remember.
Even if the designer does not define what need to be comprehended precisely by monetary assistance, we think of that no crowdfunding project is prepared in the brief term.
Some online game advancement studios and MMORPG nevertheless offer items, cosmetics or not, for sale during the style of a game. It is still unidentified whether such a choice could be kept by Aware Technology.
And after that we take a date, too, for the beta to come to discover the content of the MMORPG concretely.
In the absence of an exact date to read for this beta, we remember that the developer suggests at this stage that The Quin fall is already presently lob jet of alpha-test-that is to say that an internal version of The Quin fall must be
It just stays to refine while waiting to provide the first versions to the players as part of a beta.
Presentation of the MMORPG The Quin fall