Joanne K. Rowling Harry-Potter books are a worldwide phenomenon.

The adventure of the magic student and his pals were equated into 80 languages and sold over 500 million times.
In German alone, over 33 million books were offered.
The films later published with a pick-up result of almost 10 billion US dollars along with Star Wars and Marvel Cinematic Universe are amongst the most effective series.
Rowling himself became a billionaire.
Harry Potter video games also experienced a comet climb in the course of this success.
Despite the fact that the quality here was not constantly at the greatest level.
In brief: the Harry Potter license was and is a genuine crowd puller.
It is not for nothing that Hogwarts Legacy (purchase now EUR 59.99/ EUR 53.99) is on the program on February 10, 2023, on February 10, 2023.
Come with us to the platform 9 3/4 at the King’s Cross station in London and travel with us again through the history of the Harry Potter video games!

decent video game, more than decent numbers

The first volume called Harry Potter and the stone of the smart men appeared in 1997. The very first edition was just 500 (!) Copies.
Books from this time are alike valuable these days.
The terrific success turned up a few years later on: In between 2000 and 2002 Harry Potter and the stone of the wise men also led the bestseller lists in Germany.
The reason for this was the film adaptation published by Warner Bros. in 2001.
In the course of this, the movie adjustment of the very same name appeared on a wide array of systems.
Interestingly, Electronic Arts turned over different studios with the work: Know wonder was accountable for the PC version, while their console and portable department Kryptonite Games took control of the execution for the Video game Kid Advance.
The Game-Boy Color version, on the other hand, comes from Euro com.
The variation for the very first generation of PlayStation was produced by Argonaut Games (likewise understood for Croc or Malice).
The new edition for Game cube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox released in 2003, on the other hand, originated from Warthog Games Limited (Rally Champion, Battlestar Galactica).
Little unexpected, the specific adjustments played really differently.
If the GBA video game for Harry Potter and the stone of the sensible guys, for example, a puzzle, the GBC version ended up being a genuine role-playing video game, which was strongly based on the novel and less on the film.
The technically the best variation was unquestionably the one for the PC that Hogwarts consisted of in the most lovely.
Many of you will most likely know the commercially successful PlayStation version.
The ability game was not an open gameplay, but had a massive recognition worth due to the well executed license.
The video game begins with Harry’s arrival at the Magic boarding school Hogwarts and lastly ends with an employer fight with Voldemort personally.
The stone of the wise was a vibrant category mix, which it did not have a little in lively substance.
Harry Potter: Quidditch World Championship (PC, PS2, Gamete, Xbox) Source: Moby Games
Splashing deposits, for example, ran nearly instantly and the rhythm mini video games were anything however demanding.
It was possible to take 2000 on the Nimbus and even play some games’ quidditch.
Designer Argonaut Games tried to record the magic school and its citizens atmospherically, even if you undoubtedly took a look at the title of hardware limitations.
Harry Potter and the stone of the smart males were popular then as now, so that lots of have remembered regardless of the more mixed gameplay.
By the method, keep your eyes open-in foreseeable time we will release a retro special for the PS1-Harry Potter on our website!
Lego Developer for the PC also appeared in 2001.
It was an imaginative video game in which parts and figures from the Harry Potter universe were enabled to be installed in Lego Way for the very first time.
The connection from the Danish structure blocks and the popular film-related book license should still play a substantial role in the coming decades.
In any case, the successor with LEGO Creator was followed in 2002: Harry Potter and the Chamber of scary, with a nearly similar claim.

a new Potter every year

The innovative game ought to not stay the only Harry Potter video game execution in 2002.
In the very same year, Harry Potter and the chamber of horror started in the movie theaters.
And here to a number of studios were used that analyzed the license: Argonaut Games established a direct successor for the very first Harry Potter part and looked after the PlayStation 1 variation.


The second part therefore developed playfully and technically strongly on the predecessor.
The scenario was really similar with the PC variation, in which the previous designer Know wonder stayed in charge.
Kryptonite Games looked after the game-boy color adaptation again.
This time Euro com Ran, which were previously entrusted with the GBA version, was allowed to do the versions for PlayStation 2, Xbox, Gamete and Game Kid Advance.
In the implementation of the present consoles, Euro com did an excellent job and executed the license in a spirited and technically good manner.
The video games differed somewhat from each other, but were extremely comparable total.
The gameplay benefited from additional flexibility and choices.
Harry Potter and the chamber of scary leaned on the history of the book/film template, however only stated crucial moments.
Apart from the classic mix of learning spells, platform aspects and quidditch matches, there were also duels where you handle your challengers with three chosen sayings.
The game was a bit more extensive and offered collectibles such as beans or cards with which you update spells and skills.
The adventure was still not particularly complex.
The PS2 variation was likewise criticized for the imprecise control and periodic skipper.
It was enough for solid examinations on the part of the specialist press and similarly excellent sales figures.
A secret crowd preferred lastly followed in autumn 2002. Because as good as the trips with Harry Potter were, numerous desired only one thing: Quidditch!
And not surprisingly, Electronic Arts won whatever out of the license with Harry Potter: Quidditch World Championship and served a moody, albeit too brief fantasy sports spectacle.
After a tutorial that notified you about the basics, the game was currently sending you to the title-giving World Championship.
There was no genuine story, even if the Schnatz-Hatz was located in the third book of Azkaban detainees and, for instance, included characters such as those in the 4th book, Harry Potter and the Feuerkelch, appearing Viktor Drum.
Even if 7 players per team ventured on their brooms, you could just take over one of the three hunters here.
Since the Quidditch gameplay with all its fines, 4 balls and a number of objectives or rings might be very complicated, the choice was to adjust the speed to your own abilities.
Harry Potter: Quidditch World Champion was entertaining, however offered too little variety and too little.
However, numerous players have a special location in the heart because it focused on this uncommon sport in such a way.
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