In Hi-fi Rush, you will sometimes encounter small breaks in the plot.
Sometimes this takes the form of a side quest, such as the one where you need to shoot at the pigeons.
Nevertheless, this quest was easier than a side with a side quest with drones given at the beginning of the track 5, in which the player needs to find 10 drones hidden around the first level.
Some drones are easy to notice, but many are hidden so well that it quickly becomes a disappointing enterprise.

How to find all the drones in Hi-fi Rush

Immediately after taking the quest from the robot for drones, head to the opposite side of the platform behind the hacked Peppermint store.
Below you will see a hidden platform that you can fall on.
From this platform, ride a hitchhiking on huge floating platforms moving around the cylinder in the center of the room.
They will lead you to the first two drones.
The first of these drones is hidden behind one of the shaft mines with a glass cylinder:
To get to it, roll on floating platforms until you reach a safe distance, then use your double jump and jerk to move through it.
Having received it, jump back to another platform to get to the second drone.

The second drone will soar directly above the Spectra door shown here:
The drone will steam in the center of this platform in front of the door.
If you have not passed the game yet, the Spectra door will glow red, not green.
From here, return to the robot platform, then go to the center of the region with red lighting.
The third drone can be found in this area.
He will soar high above the platform, as shown here:
However, it is difficult to get to this bot.
You will need to find a way to climb the podium, on which he floats.


The best way to do this is to jump onto the car next to the entrance to the room, which is located below the podium:
Using this car, you can jump onto the podium and get to the drone.
From here go straight to the first information node.
Go down the elevator down and enter the door in front of you.
When you first enter, the hidden area will be at the top and right of you:
Climb into the hidden area and use the combo to open the door.
Inside you will find a notebook, several boxes, a statue of feces and one of the drones.
Fill out the knot in this area to continue.
From here go to the node 1 area nearby.
Use pasta to break the door, then go right, pressing the button to activate the path in front.
You will see a magnetic hook over this way:
Use this hook to jump onto the platform.
Here you will find another drone and a golden statue of Kale.
From there, go down and go through the door to the hook series on the magnet from the outside.
Get up to the fight with the robot and clean it.
There will be a large red button, and to the right of it there will be the path to the pasta door:
Break the door and go inside.
You will find some gears and other items with another drone.
From here, press the red button and continue to move to the node 1. Use the elevator to go up to another battle of robots.
Having cleared it, go to the right to find several platforms and the door:
Go through the door and stay on the left.
Soon after the entrance to the left, there will be another drone flying to the ceiling.
Lower it and complete the area of the node 1 before going to the side of the side scrolling.
In this section there is a very annoyingly well-hidden drone.
After the first set of lasers, do not jump down since there is a ventilation hole above you:
Cross in a ventilation hole to find a secret room with detectives and human resources, as well as another drone.
After that, you can easily perform side scrolling, as it was the only drone in this section.
After side scrolling, go down on the elevator before going to the node 3 regions.
Follow the assembly of the node and approach the last information node with a large red button.
The drone is hidden behind this knot:
Destroy this drone before going from the zone of node 3 to the next elevator, but so far do not rise on the elevator.
Instead, go to the left and find the soaring platforms leading to the area with a golden statue of Kale:
Use one of the platforms to jump, and the last drone will be right in front of you.
After collecting the last drone, a dialogue between tea and the robot that gave the quest will occur.
Return to the robot to pass it, and you will get part of the scale of life in return.
Honestly, a rather dull reward for the most annoying quest in the game, but I think this is something.
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