Although Naughty Dog has not yet officially confirmed, rumors about The Last of US part 3 gain more and more strength.
According to The Leak Portal, a source linked to Sony heard by the site would have confirmed that the third episode of the franchise is already in production and is scheduled for release in 2026.
The source heard by The Leak also pointed out that the action and adventure game would be a Cross-Gen title, with launch for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 6, which also points out that in three years the game industry can already go through a transition
generation in a little over three years.
By 2021, when the release of The Last of US Part 2 was still recent, the director of the franchise games, Neil Luckmann, said he already had a sketch of the story of the franchise’s third game and revealed at the time to want the idea to leave the role.
One day.
This year Luckmann himself gave rumors more strength, stating that there are still many stories to be told in the universe of The Last of Us.
Although Luckmann has asked for caution to fan about rumors related to a third episode of The Last of Us in games, The Leak ensures that information obtained from the source linked to Sony is true.


If the information is true, that means, which was part 3 would be releasing about six years after the second game of the series.