These changes will be pertaining to PC later today, however will be held back from console up until the Star Trek Online group has actually had a possibility to experiment and address feedback and tweaks emerging from the PC constructs.

The changes impact the Pilot Bridge Officer practically across the board, boosting a number of the abilities to make them more impactful and helpful when piloting. The intent of the STO group was to increase raw power in whatever area made them most special.


Skills like Reinforcement Squadrons are getting more experimental modifications, with the group tracking everything to affect further changes down the road. Engineer Bridge Officers aren’t getting away unharmed either, with 2 abilities getting some tweaks as part of this modification. Starship Shields is being tooled to be able to eliminate off the Borg danger in the universe more while Emergency situation Power to Shields and Reverse Shield Polarity are getting tweaks to grant conditional and genuine resistance to Guard Drain throughout their particular results.

Pilot Bridge Officers are getting some much-needed attention in Star Trek Online’s, aiming to make all the abilities of the Officer impactful across the board.