The fact that Bochum under coach Thomas Let sch had actually not yet lost a house video game (5 wins) was immediately obvious in the VFL’s play in the cup round of round versus borussia dortmund.
The home side, who the same after the 5-2 house win against TSG Cofferdam, went into every battle from the start, condensed the rooms skillfully, and hence kept stressing the visitors under construction and ball control.

The BVB could not constantly totally free itself versus the extremely running Bochum in the preliminary phase-then it ended up being unsafe.
Bynoe-Gitten, who changed the Adam, which was red-locked in the prize, forced Riemann to take a first foot defense (13th) after the 5-1 against decimated Freiburg.
In an entertaining and extremely intensely guided district battle, however, the Consumers on the offensive in round one still lost the last precision.
Too often, the definitive pass was missing in changing situations to seriously threaten the Nobel’s objective.

Riemann dissatisfied, can ice-cold

The visitors from Dortmund remained more dangerous, in which Hummel’s, Ryerson and Can also started rather of Schlotterbeck, Zeus and Guerrero.


When trying to shot (43. ), quickly after Haller slipped away, the enemy required the lead objective: Riemann clarified a broad ball in front of Haller, however the freedom strike at the center line at CAN, which was pulled out of 50 meters after a short presumption.
The ball recommended to the 1-0 break (45. +1) prior to the rushing Riemann.

Nobel holds BVB in the game

In the second round, the Consumers began better and embedded at the Dortmund penalty location.
It was likewise dangerous this time, however Nobel was on the spot two times versus Antwi-Adjei in one-on-one (54th, 58th).
In this phase of the game, the Dortmund no longer came towards the last third, and they were too hectic with race.

unauthorized charge

After that, referee Tobias Staider, who otherwise had a lot of running, was the focus.
Bynoe-Gitten had actually blocked a shot from Flotilla with an arm and look away from the ball, Staider chose a penalty and in the viewpoint of the video images in this choice
Stoner converted the unauthorized penalty with force into the middle to compensate (64th).

Zeus makes sure choice.

The BVB was not impressed by this, brought Zeus and Modest to the parties and the captain right away stabbed.
After a great steep pass from Can and Bellingham’s cross pass, Zeus pressed in to 2-1 (70th).
In the final phase, the VFL broke up with whatever, among other things riemann stepped forward a number of times, however ultimately could no longer prevent this Dortmund preventing Clever.
Bellingham even missed out on the lead to added time (90. +4).
For Thomas Let sch, leaving also implied the first house defeat as a VFL coach.
For the Bochum, the challenging away game with leader Bayern Munich will advance Saturday (3:30 p.m.).
The BVB is a guest in parallel with promoted Welder Bremen.
The quarter-finals in the DFB Cup will then be drawn with a hold-up.