MS I Korea (CEO Public Book) participated in the digital big sale at G Market and delivered the discount news of Mini PC Cuba 5 C5205U.

The event will be held for 9 days from February 6 to 14 for digital/home appliance category.
Among them, MSI Mini PC adds a 15% selection coupon and a 5% card discount to offer up to 20% discount.

The MSI Mini Cuba 5 C5205U is a classic product that has a strong performance with its strong performance even in the compact size of 0.66L.

You can select black or white color according to the user’s taste, and the Intel® Cameron processor is equipped with an Intel® Cameron processor to efficiently handle various tasks.
In addition, anyone can easily enhance performance by adopting a simple assembly method that can be upgraded to various environments.
It is a low noise equivalent to 23.6dB as well as the excellent design of the heat resolution.

It is also connected to HDMI, DP, and USB Type-C port, and you can also check the full system that can be used immediately after purchasing, such as RAM 4G, 128 GB SSD, and Windows 11 Pro from Bear which is equipped with only CPUs.
If you apply the maximum discount, you can meet the Bear this product for 160,000 won and the full system for 240,000 won.


MSI officials said, We decided to participate in mini-PCs that can be used in various places such as home, office, kiosk, and offer attractive discounts with the world’s lowest title.

I ask for a lot of purchases and attention.

Additional information on the MSI monitor can be found on the MSI Korea website and MSI Korea official Facebook or MSI Korea official Instagram.