Pokémon fans all over the world like to claim that the very first generation was the trickiest.
With the following 10 pocket beasts, your knees routinely slotted you in the battle.

which Pokémon are the most?

We asked ourselves this question for the first generation of Pokémon and created ten of the most effective beasts in an image series.
Both excellent attacks and outstanding status values play a significant function.
In addition, we likewise show you which men in the very first generation were particularly superior.
These ten Pokémon made you sweat a lot:
A few of the Pokémon noted are understandably very effective due to their special position.
It is more surprising with other candidates.
In the end, these strong pokémon of the very first generation provide a specific difficulty, and you can demonstrate your abilities as a Pokémon fitness instructor.
It is crucial to end up being the perfect in the role-playing game!
If you desire to laugh a little now, you can marvel at the most gorgeous bugs from Pokémon Parmesan and Purpura: