In Hogwarts Legacy, you can explore different regions and meet various magical creatures that can be saved.
Hippogrifies are one of such magical creatures, and you need to know where to find and save them.

The salvation of magical creatures allows them to protect them from poachers.
Here’s how to find Hippocrates and feathers of hippogrifs in the Hogwarts Heritage.

how to get hippogrifs at Hogwarts Legacy

Catching Hippocrates must visit the hippogrif lane.
These dens are scattered on the map, but you will pass several, performing some main plot quests.
One of the hippogrifs we have found is in the forbidden forest.
Check the yellow circle on the map of the card above to see its exact location.
Visit this place, use the Disillusionment spell to become invisible, and save the Hippocrates using Nab-Sack.
After saving this magic beast, you can take it to Vivaria and free it.
Despite the fact that on the map in the Hogwarts Heritage there are several hippo grit lamps, we recommend that the players visit one of them in the forbidden forest, since in this region you will see many other magical creatures.
There is also one more, located in the city of Field croft, to the west of the village of Field croft.


These two places are the simplest logs of hippogrifs that you can visit in the Hogwarts heritage.
You need to fill in the elf, NASA and the weave of the quest in the Hogwarts legacy in order to unlock vi varies in the room of the requirements.
Here you can place your hieroglyphs and ultimately sprinkle them after passing the storyline.

How to get Hippogriff feathers at Hogwarts Legacy

You can purchase the feathers of the Hippogrif from the Shot and PEK store is located in the village of Hogs mid.
Hippogrifa feathers cost about 700 galleons.
You can also tame your Hippogrif in Vivaria to get feathers as a reward.
Use the feed of the beast to feed the magical creature, and the brush for the affection of the beast to stroke it.
Performing this will reward you with magical materials, such as the feathers of the hippogrif, which can be used to improve equipment and add features to it.
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