After opening the room of the requirements and the fulfillment of the Dick quest in the Hogwarts Heritage, you will receive vi varies.
This allows you to contain up to twelve creatures and four different types.
However, if you need to collect more animals and take into account the reproduction, you quickly do not have enough space.
This may make you ask you whether you can update the Vivaria space in Hogwarts’s Heritage.
The answer is yes and no-although you cannot improve and increase the vi varies that you get by the Dick quest, you can get more.
This will allow you to contain more creatures and continue to collect and breed them.


However, you must unlock these additional vi varies.

How to increase the limit of vivarium species in Hogwarts Legacy

To increase the number of species that may contain vi varies, you need to expand it to unlock additional vivariums.
There are three that you can get in addition to forest vivarium, each with a unique topic.
Here are all the vivariums and how to unlock them in Hogwarts Legacy.
Beach vivaria
Unlocked: Complete the quest The plight of home elf.
Prerequisites: Perform the quests Lesson of astronomy and High fortress.
Meadow vivaria
Unlocked: Complete the quest Rebellion of the Phoenix.
Prerequisites: Complete the quest The Testing of Nam Fitzgerald and talk to Dick.
Swamp vivaria
Unlocked: Perform the quest of the foal of the dead.
Prerequisites: Complete the quest Charles Lockwood.
Like forest vi varies, each of these vi varies may contain 12 animals of four different types.

This allows you to hold a maximum of 48 creatures in all rooms of Vivarium.
This simplifies the breeding and collection of all 13 types and gives you a lot of space for charming and magical creatures from the Hogwarts Heritage.
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