Football professional Over Torah asked his previous clubs Welder Bremen and borussia dortmund prior to their Bundesliga video game on Saturday in the Weber Stadium for help for the earthquake victims in Turkey.


In the early Monday early morning, a quake of 7.7 had shaken the border area of turkey and Syria, followed by a further trembling of 7.6 at twelve noon.
Ever since there have been more than 2000 aftershocks in the area.
The variety of deaths was officially more than 28,000 individuals on Sunday.
In Turkey alone there were more than 24,617.
Many can not imagine what the scenario is on site. It is sometimes like in the cemetery, no house is more and there are no longer whole cities, said Torah on the Welder site.
It needs to be clear to everyone that the earthquake has years of effects for the area and will be a great deal of assistance, said the 33-year-old, who had actually changed to Antalyaspor to Turkey last summer after increasing the Bremen.
Prior to the game on Saturday, the players of SV Welder and BVB, referee Felix Bryce and his group planned with a banner and a minute’s silence.

In addition, like the gamers in other Bundesliga and 2nd department stadiums, they likewise ran with a funeral for.
There were donations around the game in the Weber Arena.
The jerseys from the game are auctioned on the Internet (
I am a child of the Bundesliga and hope that my fatherland can now be helped, stated Torah, born in Ravens burg, in the Welder interview.