The German Football Association (DFB) has actually drawn a pleased conclusion for the 2021/22 season of the female’s Bundesliga in spite of the red figures and, thanks to the European Champion boom, is optimistic about the future.
As far as reach, earnings and presence is worried, our league had the ability to grow again, said DFB Vice President Sabine Mammitzsch to the season report published on Monday.
Appropriately, the twelve Bundesliga clubs created record earnings of over 17 million euros in the previous season.
However, this contrasts two times as high record spending of 35 million euros.
In the previous season, these values were around 15 million and practically 30 million euros.
The bottom line is a typical minus of 1.5 million euros per club.
According to the DFB, the figures reveal that the male’s professional clubs invest much more in female’s football and partially make up for incorrect amounts.
The record squad expenses rose typically to over 1.6 million euros (pre-season 1.3 million).

With the key aspect presence, the DFB referred to a definitive increase from 30 percent to around 77 hours of TV reporting.


After two years of Corona, an average of 806 fans went to the video game one anachronistic worth, as Mammitzsch has been in view of the audience records (typical approx. 3000) given that the DFB women.
Amongst other things, the brand-new TV agreement from 2023/2024 evidence that lady’s football offers great revenues potential and has the choice of independent funding in the medium term.
In the future, a Bundesliga club will receive around 390,000 euros per year.