The viewpoints about Montanblack apart, he has been successful on Twitch, YouTube and TikTok for years.
There he got away there in 2014 to leave the Hart IV program on TV, however the Web is likewise a growing number of obvious.

Twitch: Level in Germany drops according to Montanblack

At the start of February, the streamer handled a more severe topic.
He would miss out on numerous things that utilized to be on the Internet.
At that time there would have been not a lot of people, however 2 handfuls of people who offered the ideal home entertainment.
Now, according to him, it is far too easy to earn money on the Web, which is why websites and platforms such as Twitch and TikTok would continue to deteriorate and a growing number of foolish individuals.
The whole thing starts at about 17 minutes:
The longer he is in business, the more shit there would be on the Web and the less he might relate to Twitch.
When scrolling through, he had the sensation that he would view the Hart IV shit on RTL 2, however in fact he would still be on his cherished Twitch.


He is also of the viewpoint that 95 % of individuals would lack talent to entertain others over a long period of time.
The German market Twitch-it disagrees me.
Sure, there are likewise some great ones, however the bulk of people-not indicated badly-who make the material here, turn me on.
I simply discover it crash, Dinah.
They just don’t have a skill, says Montanblack throughout his stream.

Twitch: Too numerous sexual content according to MontanaLack

Twitch is not just concerned with bad material, however also sexualizing banners would take over.
He slams that the platform would just be utilized as marketing by many to lure viewers on only fans.
The sexualization likewise works well in some video games:
How computer games utilize the sex-sells concept register for us
on YouTube
Are you talentless on Twitch?
Just reveal your tits, then you also make money.

Great, this is the company where I likewise move myself, states the banner, who slams Twitch with it.