On the island in the sons of the forest you can find a number of types of weapons, among which is a very efficient shotgun.


The presence of a shotgun Child of the Forest in your supply indicates that you can not only combat enemies, but also search pets for food.
Demo lists are known for their effectiveness at the near range, which suggests that one successful shot in the head can conveniently kill the target.
You can not make a shotgun at Boys of the Forest.
You can get it just in a certain put on the island.

area of the shotgun Kid of the Woodland

The shotgun remains in the tomb in the southeastern part of the card.
You have to transfer to the shore and also locate a serious significant with two stones on a crossbar as well as each side.
On the crossbar, red material showing the presence of a tomb.

just how to obtain a shotgun

You require to acquire a shovel from a remains discovered in the western part of the snow hills.
You will also need a GPS tracker to note the area on the map.
The marked area will certainly enable you to conveniently reach the location and also locate a place where the shotgun buried in the boys of the woodland.
Right here you can use your hard-earned shovel in the Boy of the Woodland.
You need to dig a grave and locate a corpse inside.
The remains hold a shotgun, and you can find this product in your stock after you get it from a corpse.
Most likely to your inventory as well as take a shotgun on top of disturbance in the inventory.
Do not squander your ammunition, given that you may have to try hard to discover them in the onset of the video game.
You need to save tools for the most difficult adversaries or circumstances.
The presence of a shotgun in close battle is a true blessing, and you should always have it throughout fights with beasts staying in the kids of the woodland.