After enjoying several weeks when the teams of the Honor League were facing to up
There is a tiebreaker day when only a team achieved the classification.


Now in the next stage we reached the best of five with a duel between Maze Gaming against Santiago Wanderers with the first map placed in favor of the bull team that gradually began to gain ground to be able to climb in good shape in his favor with a
Cassiopeia in the hands of Ronaldinho who manages to punish his rivals to be able to grant them the first point in his favor.

In the second map, things got hot with the bull team generating enough pressure during the first minutes of the game to be able
that manages to surprise the opposites to be able to take the second triumph to the bag and stay in Match point.
During the third game the pressure was placed on SW who needed to turn the series but again the GARDEN team would be present to cause a large amount of ravages in this scenario leaving Maze in good position who take the map of
Its side to seek to finish the series, in a final advance the bulls hit the Canada that gives them the end of the game.
Closing with force a confrontation that the bulls dominate from the beginning taking a 3-0 in their favor that helps them move through the upper bracket and that brings them closer to the final stage of the tournament, now the following confrontation between eclipse and goal will decide
To the rival of bulls for the final of the superior bracket, on other side Santiago Wanderers will have to look for its advance against Crusaders.