Blizzard has actually previewed all the functions as well as locations of patch 10.0.7, as gamers return to the Forbidden Reach!

With the defeat of Nazareth protected, a new possibility to seek and also discover solutions about the rather Evokes and also their history occurs within the Forbidden Reach. This max-level experience presents new bosses and also purposes, added tornados, brand-new loot, and also much more

Welcome to Mosque Village on the Mosque Island

You’ll want to maintain your eye out for prizes and also Incentive Objectives as you check out the mysteries of the Forbidden Reach. You never ever understand what intriguing new things you’ll find and who will certainly wish to compensate you for them

New Treasures

Keys Please

The game is afoot and also there’s prize to be discovered in the SKEMA Vault. Players will certainly be able to go into a randomized treasure area to look for the challenges, monsters, and mysteries within. Each vault is special to your character as well as available to finish until the following regular reset. You’ll additionally have the ability to undertake a brand-new safe mission weekly from black dragon Moravian, which will lead you through some long-buried background

Pathfinder Jeb and also Pathfinder Tasha will certainly assist you begin your venture into the safe and also provide your initial 6 SKEMA Safe Secret yet to access to more doors within the safe, you’ll need to browse more of the Forbidden Reach to locate them

Intrigue Envoys


Every adventure in a colony has a starting point, and also yours will certainly start on the Mosque Island. You’ll discover a range of vendors and mission givers all set to send you on your very first adventures within the Forbidden Reach

Choose between the Dragon scale Expedition, ISARA Tusk arr, Marduk Centaur, and Valdrakken Accord to help every day to make a 10% reputation rise for that faction. Agents will occasionally use quests for extra track record and Essential Overflow to invest at the Envoy traders for brand-new incentives such as four brand-new Dragon riding personalizations, the Buckle fight pet dog, as well as the Noble Buffalo place

Each door within the safe will certainly need its own trick to get. Keys are Bind on Account so can be easily made use of by your alternating characters to continue your progression with the Vaults

The Onyx Annulled as well as Primordial Stones

These Primordial Stones can be located as you find prizes in the vaults. Every combination provides interesting and also new synergies in between them enabling you to create intriguing results to help you with the Forbidden Reach and beyond

Here are 2 examples:

You simply never ever recognize who you’ll satisfy as you take a trip through the Forbidden Reach. Wage caution, or you might meet your destiny with several of the harmful denizens that have actually established in the Reach

Storm Infused Stone
Prehistoric Stone
Thing Degree 405-424
When picked up, binds
Storm Infused Rock
Equip: Critically striking an enemy has a possibility to stun them and 2 close-by opponents, dealing Nature damage

Don’t stress over shedding the Prehistoric Stones you’ve pocketed. They can be switched out for other stones without being destroyed

Experience Waits for

New Dragon riding Races

You’ll also be able to undertake a brand-new safe quest each week from black dragon Moravian, which will lead you through some long-buried history

Take to the skies and also soar via 6 new races within the Forbidden Reach. You’ll also access to some new Dragon riding capabilities along the method. Be prepared for a little danger as you make your method with the training courses– the sky is not your own alone

Take to the skies and also soar with 6 brand-new races within the Forbidden Reach. You’ll additionally obtain accessibility to some brand-new Dragon riding capabilities along the means

Whether the SKEMA Vaults as well as their enigmas contact us to you, discovering even more about the strange rather Evoke, or encountering difficult new enemies, we anticipate seeing you in the Forbidden Reach

These Prehistoric Rocks can be found as you find prizes in the vaults. Every combination gives interesting as well as brand-new harmonies in between them permitting you to produce intriguing results to assist you through the Forbidden Reach as well as beyond


New Pet Dog Battles

Primeval Rocks can be crushed into fragments as well as repurposed right into a product to upgrade your favored stones (with your neighborhood jewelcrafter.) You can additionally utilize these fragments to acquire more recent stones from Researcher Death. While you angle get details stones, they can be found in households, so that you can target the ones you desire

Completing these tornado occasions rewards adventurers with updated storms equipment. You’ll also build up Elemental Overflow as you involve with the Forbidden Reach creatures and also mysteries


New Occasion: Mega-Storm

Humming Arcane Stone
Prehistoric Stone
Product Degree 405-425
Binds when grabbed
Unique Geared up
Humming Arcane Stone
Gear Up: Dealing Magic damage has a possibility to fire Arcane rockets for each and every Primordial Stone family members you have equipped, each dealing Mysterious damages

Meet a Pet dog Battle master in the Forbidden Reach to embark on a new difficulty as well as get some brand-new battle pets in the process.