Félix QC Level responds to Call of Responsibility: Black Ops 3 in his Twitch stream and, in his point of view, calls this real issue by Activision Blizzard.
XQC is one of the greatest streamers on Twitch when you pursue the audience lessons (via Sully gnome).
He used to be overwatched expert in a team of the Overwatch LEAGUE, yet was tossed out for improper behavior.
In his streams, as well, he is understood for losing the version as well as loudly revealing his irritation.

This message goes straight to Activision-Blizzard

What does XQC say?
In a Twitch stream on February 28, 2023, the streamer responds to a Twitter article by Charlie intel.
This has to do with Phone Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, an 8-year-old video game, has technological issues on Heavy steam, but need to remedy an upgrade quickly.
Right here XQC has currently seriously commented on for how long it has taken you prior to you wish to deal with the problems.

But after that XQC scolds the actual trouble by Activision-Blizzard as well as makes a statement:
This message goes straight to… Activision Blizzard, um, trey arch workshops, whoever makes this game a heck.
Pay attention… It’s trendy that you fix the video game that we can not play.
The genuine problem is the rates!
I advocated 3 years with my whole platform!
To obtain the costs in order, all right?
Right here you can see the clip on YouTube:
He is furious that it is so expensive to get the entire game on Heavy steam and transforms: That is $800 for old content!
That makes no sense as well as is one of the most pricey items of the entire Heavy steam shop.
He requires a rate decrease, or else no one would purchase the video game.
Incidentally, this implies the Telephone Call of Duty Franchise Collection on Vapor
XQC after that goes also more: If you would place the price listed below, alright, after that people would actually acquire it for what it deserves.


I will play your game, play individuals, all the free advertising because I like to play the video game.
Until after that you get this below.
The streamer after that holds the center finger in the video camera.
It makes it clear if the business changed the prices would have its motivation by directing a thumb up.
Just how does the area respond?
A big component of the comments under the YouTube video clip is authorized by XQCS as well as confirms the banner in his point of view.
Some also suspect a sales concept and also others increase the objection to the video gaming market.
Samuraigekko: He reveals realities.
Markus: The only reason they don’t reduced costs is that they don’t desire individuals to play the older video games.
They desire you to put your constantly in the more recent publications to ensure that they can bleed you with microgray activity acquisitions.
Jesus Lugo: I have actually been saying that for ages… not practically Activision.
The greed has taken the video game industry.
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