The role-playing video game Elden Ring was and also is a substantial success for From software application.
In the meanwhile, the video game of the Dark Souls manufacturers was able to market over 20 million times as well as obtain various prizes.
Success does not raise to the designers, neither does it affect the workshop’s future strategies, as Game Director Hideaway Miyazaki informed in the IGN interview.


Miyazaki stated regarding success and also experience with Elden Ring: Certainly Elden Ring is an industrial success.
Every person understands this, but that has no influence on what we will certainly create next.
Basically, we continue to develop the game we desire to create, as well as that is our national politics.
That’s is quite easy.

It was undoubtedly an excellent experience for me as well as the other staff member to work with Elden Ring.
Sometimes we were all really fired up concerning what we did.

Sometimes we have not managed to carry out specific things into the game.
However, whatever the instance was, it was an actually excellent experience, and we want the game that has a very big worldview and also let the players really feel the experience spirit.
This early morning only the initial expansion to Elden Ring was announced with Darkness of the Eritrea, for which many fans have already waited.