Many thanks to every person who has actually talked about this concern over the past a number of months, and also thanks to every person who aids by reporting suspicious task.

Over the previous couple of weeks, we’ve acted that removed virtually 120,000 destructive accounts from the Globe of Warcraft environment, consisting of both Rage of the Rich King Classic and Classic Period. This remains in enhancement to our normal, ongoing ban waves, which frequently consist of actions versus 10s of countless accounts each week.

We hope that this helps slow the proliferation of harmful habits in Rage of the Rich King Standard. It’s crucial to keep in mind that as lengthy as there is a need for gold as well as other services that players are prepared to pay real money for, these harmful actors will keep coming back.

As a supplement to these recent activities, we want you to recognize that as of next week’s local maintenance, we will be returning the initial Death Knight personality development constraints to Wrath of the Rich King Classic. This implies that unless you already have a level 55 personality on your account, you will be not able to produce a Fatality Knight. We felt it was really crucial for the launch of Rage of the Rich King timeless to give anyone who wished to jump into this legendary development the capacity to do so with as a couple of obstacles as feasible. Enabling every account access to Fatality Knights– even if they did not fulfill the historical demands– was very important. Nevertheless, now that the preliminary launch duration has passed, we no more desire to permit the unrestricted creation of Fatality Knights on new accounts. It’s an appealing vector for malicious actors to utilize to enter the video game and also begin making use of very quickly.


Blizzard simply announced that, in enhancement to having actually prohibited 120,000 destructive accounts, they will certainly be returning fatality knight character development restrictions to what they originally were, implying you will certainly not be able to develop a DK unless you have a level 55 personality on your account currently.