The week 5 of clashes begins within the Latin American league with teams that have been looking to redeem themselves from what happened last week with the unexpected results, now with a different countenance we will see what happens between the squads to determine what is what
It happens on this date that begins to define the teams that reach the next stage.

Battle for second place in the tournament

Starting with Six Karma’s duel against Taurus with a first game that begins with aggression from the green wave who show Snake with a Ayah that allows them to generate a lot of pressure in the lower lane and then in the fights per team are
He was present to take the victory.


The second game would be more at odds in the fighting because neither of the two squads wanted
A double teleportation based on the tie. The Shark Squad
Silas to be able to defeat the opposites with the theft of definitive that gives Taurus.

unfolds with whoever gets in front of the second series we see Astral against Team AZE in a match that the Eagles squad takes control from the beginning leaving the Aces in bad position due to the Takeover game that shows his alkali with which he manages to erase the life bar

of the rivals on several occasions to get climbing very goodly closing the first map for them.

In the second confrontation we see that the game turns to a single side with a Ayah in the hands of Same who shows his aggressive style to make the rivals fall several times creating a quite good panorama in his favor that allows Astral to take the
necessary advantage to be able to get a game without deaths that gives them 2-0 in the series.
With very interesting games where we saw quite interesting results we have the Astral team dominating the table followed by Taurus with just a difference from a point, but this makes both teams classified for the next stage, now it will be seen how the squads are accommodating
with the future clashes that can leave them inside the playoffs or outside them.