Prior to the age of superhero movies, the movie theater seldom paid off to heat the cinema at the end of the credit reports.
Fans have actually typically run away scenes that were concealed there.
It is also the situation with one of the Harry Potter movies that has a secret end.

second Harry Potter movie has a secret scene

The young Harry Potter’s initial experiences still end extremely sympathetically.
The bad guy is defeated as well as the hero trio celebrates in the large hall of Hogwarts.
The second part of the collection, Harry Potter as well as the Chamber of Horror, has given a secret end in the movie theater, which also dissolves an important open question: What really became of Gilder Lockhart?
In the direction of the end of the movie, the filled with air teacher of protection versus the dark arts is struck by his very own failing to remember magic and also consequently loses his memory.
After completion of the credit scores, nonetheless, it is exposed that this occurrence of his career as a successful author has actually not taken away.
A swivel in the shop window of the Embellishment & Blots bookshop shows an ad for That am I? By Gilder Lockhart.

Does the secret scene fit guide layout?

The bad Gilder Lockhart sits noticeably puzzled in a cell and wears a forced coat.
This additionally fits the history of the books, in which Lockhart is confessed to the St. Impemo-Hospital for enchanting conditions and also injuries after his mishap.
In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix AZ, Harry, Ron and Hermione meet their old teacher once again, who has actually not yet recouped from the failing to remember magic.
Nevertheless, this scene did not make it right into the matching movie.
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Cost from 03/22/2023 2:50 p.m. The scene in Wineglass is the only post-credit scene in all eight Harry Potter movies.
It is more than reasonable if even the biggest followers have not yet seen them.


Currently, Gilder Lockhart’s sad destiny has been made clear without any kind of question.
But he additionally needs to attribute himself in some way.