Although it seems that many have already forgotten, the war between Ukraine and Russia is still standing.
Thus, the recent launch of Atomic Heart, a game developed by the Russian study known as Sunfish, has been somewhat controversial for some people.
In this way, it has been revealed that an Ukraine politician wants to completely prohibit this title.
According to Dev. Ua, Oleksandr Bornyakov, Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, is not happy with Atomic Heart.
Thus, the politician intends to send a letter to Sony, Microsoft and Valve to fulfill their objective of prohibiting the game in their country.


Bornyakov plans to make use of a theory where it is indicated that the game brings together user data and offers information to the Russian government.

This was what he commented:

We invite to limit the distribution of this game in other countries due to its toxicity, the potential theft of user information and the possibility of being transferred to third parties in Russia, as well as the potential use of the money collected by the game for the game for the game for the
War against Ukraine.

We ask users to ignore the game, and we also want to make it clear to the Western audience that the game developers did not make a statement condemning the Putin regime and the bloody war that Russia unleashed against Ukraine.
At the moment, there is no response from Sunfish, or some of the companies that were mentioned, before Bornyakov’s statements.
We just need to wait to see if the politician’s request comes true or not.
In related issues, Atomic Heart is now available on Xbox Game Pass.
Editor’s note:
Without a doubt, a rather complicated case.
However, developers are not to blame for the events that have been carried out in the last year.
While Sunfish has not been so aggressive in his protests against war, he doesn’t have to do it either.