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Madden 23 TOTW 11 Players Exposed


We have actually got information on all the Madden 23 TOW 11 gamers pertaining to Ultimate Group consisting of the current Matthew Berry choice.

Madden 23 TOW 11 players have actually now been revealed as we barrel towards the year’s critical Thanksgiving video games.

Madden 23 TOW 11 Revealed

After a teaser about Offensive Player of the Week Tony Pollard, who lit things up for the Cowboys with 189 overall lawns and 2 touchdowns, we’ve now discovered the complete Madden 23 TOW 11 lineup.

With top performances all throughout the league in Week 11 (past and present), the variety of new players coming today consists of representatives from a lot various groups.


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All of these Team of the Week cards will go reside in Madden 23 Ultimate Group at roughly 2pm ET on Tuesday, November 22, 2022.

The most recent Matthew Berry selection on the year was none aside from Patrick Mahomes, one of two new quarterback cards hitting BUT 23 in this drop.


All Madden 23 Team of the Week 11 Gamers

Without further ado, here are all the new Madden 23 Team of the Week 11 gamers in Ultimate Team:

  • Andy Dalton (QB) -84 Overview Orleans Saints
  • Joshua Kali (FS) -84 OVR-Tennessee Titans
  • Jamaal Williams (HE) -87 OVR-Detriot Lions
  • Marcus Jones (CB) -87 Overview England Patriots
  • Jason Pierre-Paul (ROLE) -90 OVR-Baltimore Ravens
  • Patrick Mahomes (QB) -90 Arkansas City Chiefs

TOW 11 Elites

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Offensive & Defensive Player of the Week

We likewise got the most recent AKA Packs drop recently in BUT 23, and we’ve got more details here on new additions like Chad Ochocinco.


  • Tony Pollard (HE) -93 OVR-Dallas Cowboys
  • Kendall Fuller (CB) -93 OVR-Washington Leaders

TOW 11 LTD’s

  • Jimmy Garoppolo (QB) -93 Organ Francisco 49ers
  • Casey Hayward Jr (CB) -93 Carlos Angeles Chargers

TOW 11 Champions

  • Stevie Johnson (WR) -93 OVR-Buffalo Bills
  • Adrian Wilson (SS) -93 OVR-Arizona Cardinals

Information such as the Death Season Dungeon and Coronel Dolls, where strong enemies awaits the new Sukueni Harvester and the collection of Coronel dolls.

Square Enix has released new information about the new RPG Harvested , which is about to be released.

The information released this time is a death season dungeon that can only be reached between the disaster death season that comes at the turn of the season, and a collection element of dolls where you can get various gifts. In addition, the latest updates from the trial version to the product version have been released.

AdventureDeath Season Dungeon

A dungeon that can only go between the death season that occurs at the turn of the season. In this dubious dungeon connected in a well, you can go further deeper by defeating strong enemies waiting on each floor.


Job that can handle unique weapons and characteristic skills. By making the character with the job a friend, the hero who is the player will be able to use the job.

Luna Manner

A job that is good at a wide range of magic attacks and weakening. Attack attacks that take advantage of the huge mass of stars.

LifeDelivery of food

Residents of various towns visiting on the way to travel may ask for delivery of dishes. By making and delivering the desired dishes, you can get various rewards, such as money and new dishes.

Colonel doll collection

A hideaway that exists quietly in a certain town. If you look for the Colonel doll that the lord of the retreat Master Colonel is collecting and hand it over, it seems that you can exchange it for somehow.


Colonel dolls have fallen in various places, such as towns and dungeons, so collect them and receive gifts from Master Colonel.

Nintendo Switch trial version

The trial version can be played to 15 days in the game time or Chapter 2. The save data you play can be taken over to the product version.
The trial version distribution is only Nintendo Switch.


Product version update from Harvester trial version

In response to the opinions of customers who played the Nintendo Switch trial version, the product version (Nintendo Switch / Steam) plans to improve by updating below.
There is no following update in the trial version.

Harvester will be released on November 4, 2022, and the Steam version will be released on November 5. The price is 7,680 yen (tax included).

In addition, GAMESPARK publishes a PR special article that supports play from an unusual angle for this work. Please also see that too.

[Life] The editorial department Harvester Agricultural Working Strategy, which is physically transmitted through actual agriculture

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