The game has a bad reputation. Toxic players, fanboys titled, and even abusive companies have tainted the perception of the industry. In many ways, players and gaming companies have kilometers to go to further improve the industry as a whole. Despite all this, there is a bright light in the dark, and this is the recent trend to expand accessibility options and resources in games and consoles.

Accessibility options and peripherals allow video games to be offered to new audiences that may have physical or mental difficulties to play a certain part of a given title. In the most basic form, accessibility options are most often considered to be supported by Albanians, subtitles and even difficulty adjustments, but for many players, it is not enough.

Specifically, physical disabled players can always have trouble performing vital tasks in games that do not include the appropriate accessibility options. In addition, players have long deplored bad difficulty adjustments, which do not change the game for difficulty players correctly. For a long time, the technology needed for these accessibility options and these devices simply did not exist, however, over the last decade there have been considerable improvements in this area.

Recently, we have seen games produced by large publishers include options for revolutionary accessibility. Major publishers like Sony and Microsoft even include them even in some of their flagship titles like Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, The Last of Us, Gears 5 and Fora Horizon.

Naughty Dog themselves open the way to the SONY key by incorporating controller-based adjustments that allow players with disabilities to play games like Uncharted 4 with one hand, as well as an amazing variety of difficulty settings in the Last of US 2 that allow players to adapt the difficulty to their needs.

Microsoft has also done an impressive accessibility work. More recently, Fora Horizon 5 made waves thanks to the upcoming inclusion of the first sign language interpreter in the games. This additional step corresponds to the previous efforts of the Microsoft Accessibility Initiative, as their adaptive controller that has been used by several charities also working with children and adults with disabilities. XBOX has also made known its strategy to provide hospitals from the country of consoles whose patients can enjoy, highlighting their commitment to expand access to video games to everyone.

Apart from developers, other parts of the game industry also celebrated the expansion of accessibility. Websites like exist to organize games and defend players with disabilities, organizations such as Able Gamers strive to put the game equipment in the hands of people with disabilities, and even large-scale events like the Game Awards spend a category only with accessibility innovation.

How Accessible Were 2020's Biggest Games?

With movies and novels, the development of accessible option creation is quite simple, but because of the interactivity of the games and diversity of how a game is actually playing, this industry is a different obstacle.

In technology and industry, stagnation is death. In order to push the game industry to terminal speed, publishers, developers and game media must continue to promote and devote themselves to the complete inclusion of accessibility in games. By expanding the public and opportunities to discover revolutionary titles, the game can enter a greater cultural awareness

Video games are fun. People like to have fun and pay for fun. Without trying to make a great political or moral declaration, people deserve to have fun, everyone. This seems to be a natural victory for all parties involved to bring the joy that video games can bring to the greatest number of people as possible and remove the obstacles that prevent many people from doing so.

Despite the need to expand accessibility, it is important to note that there are still places for difficult games like Senior: Shadows Die Twice and Return. The games that exist to offer players a uniform experience, without the inclusion of accessibility options based on difficulty, are still an important part of the game. These titles have a unique role to play in being exactly what they are made, difficult. Although the inclusion of support for physical disabilities must always be encouraged, Frost should not have to include easy mode in Elder Ring.

Having accessibility games on the market, as well as focused on challenges, does not exclude each other. Both types can occupy important places in the wide range of interests related to games and find their own shares on the market. While players will always find and have always found challenges to test their skills, it is important that we have concentrated on accessibility in the game in general, in order to advance the industry as a whole.