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When will Minecraft the Wild update be released?

The Wild Update is an incredibly long-awaited update for Minecraft, adding, among other things, a biomic thickets, The Warden and Deep Dark Monster Boss. But when exactly will Wild Update come out?

Well, according to the official message from the Wild Mujangs, it will be released on June 7, 2022. So this is the perfect summer game!

What is in a wild update?

The Wild update will add new biomes, locks, monsters and objects. As mentioned, deep dark as well as mangroves swamp are some of the new biomes, but some other interesting functions are added.

Secretity , screamers as well as secrecy , a terrifying dark mass that spreads in your world minecraft, when creatures die in it, originally from deep darkness. From the cheekbone, formidable overseer a clumsy monster appears, which can kill the player through complete diamond armor!

When Will Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update Release?

But on the less frightening side, mangrove swamps as well as mangroves trees will add a new type of wood and new trees to the game that you can collect and decorate. Moreover, while you collect mangroves, you can make one of the new boats with a chest. Like a trolley with a chest, this item will allow you to easily transport objects

Finally, from the point of view of mobs, the creature Mob Vote, Allai, is added. And the last in order but not in importance, frogs ,haadnces and also frog caviar * are added. In general, the new Wild Update has something to be happy.

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Africa TV 29th and 2 days 2021 GSL Super Tournament Season 3 8 Rhen 4 Rhains and Final Progress

[Data provided: Africa TV]

[ENG] 2021 GSL SuperTournament III Day2 (Ro.16)
Today (29th) 8th (29th) 8th, Lee Byung-soo, Park Han, Kim Dogwood, Jo Sung-ho,

2 days 2 days at 5:4 pm and the finals and finals, winner to winner $8,000

On December 2, the winner of ‘2021 GSL Super Tournament Season 3′ is covered.

African TV said today (29th) and coming on December 2, Seoul Daechi-dong, Seoul Daechi-dong, Seoul Daechi-dong, 2021 GSL Super Tournament Season 3 ‘, and 4th Rhone, and finals. ‘GSL Super Tournament’ Season 3 is a short-term tournament that is spread to , the sixth and last competition of GSL tour in 2021.

‘2021 GSL Super Tournament Season 3’ on the last week, Kim Dogwood (Cure), Rogue, Rogue, Dark, Park Han, Ma, MARY (MARY), Kim Jun-ho Hero) was victorious and advanced to the quarter-finals.

Today (29th), the quarter-finals, which is held from 5 pm, Through this game, the next round fourth rivers and finals will be covered. The fourth round and long-awaited finals will be held on December 2 at 5:00 pm.

The competition is a single tournament, and from the 16th to the 4th, the fourth leader, the finals, and the finals are held in 7 former leaders. The total prize of the competition is $25,600. The winner is $8,000 for the competition winner, and the prize money is $4,000. The battlefield is ‘2000 Atromospier’, ‘Blackburn’, ‘Berlin Grad’, ‘Courier Mine’, ‘Glittering Ship’, ‘Hard Wire’, ‘Pride of Altars’.

Meanwhile, detailed information on ‘2021 GSL Super Tournament Season 3’ can be found in GSL official broadcasting station. Live and Gods can be watched through various platforms at home and abroad, including Africa TV E Sports, .

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