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Apple Co-Founder Criticizes Elon Musk: Interview Reveals Why Steve Jobs Was Better

Today, one of the most undesirable characters is Elon Musk, that is due to certain actions that make him see as an enemy of society, because to begin with some things on the Twitter platform.
Given these actions, some important people have already criticized it, one of them is precisely Apple’s co-founder.
During a recent interview with the CNBC, Steve Wozniak revealed some similarities that Musk has with his deceased friend, Steve Jobs, this in terms of the corporate part and establishing a company.
However, with Musk he has been somewhat more unfortunate, he could even be considered a personal attack against Tesla’s owner.
This is a fragment of what he commented in the interview:

Elon Musk and Steve Jobs are very similar, and I don’t like saying that.
Both want to be seen as an important person and be like a cult leader.
But a lot of honesty disappears when you look at @elonmusk and Tesla.

During his comparison there was talk of the ability to convince each one implemented in their own way, ensuring that at least Jobs caught you with a speech that he did not deceive.


For his part, Musk is too egocentric, also pointing out that he has somehow stolen money, since he bought a Tesla that did not work.
This criticism joined that Bill Gates did, in which he said he prefers to finance vaccines for those who need it, to a whim of traveling to Mars that will not really contribute to society in the short term.
Via: Tech spot
Editor’s note: One of Musk’s most annoying movements has been to charge for the tweet deck, something that probably will not work for him, since some could get off the ship.

FC Liverpool – Jürgen Klopp scolds about the narrow schedule: Could you all be lubricated for you

Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp has realized himself after his team’s 2-0 win in the Champions League semi-final first leg against FC Villarreal via the tightly tackled schedule of the Reds.

“When I see the colleagues from Bt Sports here and how they talk: ‘And on Saturday at 12:30 p.m. Newcastle against Liverpool’, I could go to the studio and all smear them,” Klopp scolded after the game at dazn.

It is crazy “that we have no idea how many hours there. And two days later we have to go back to Villarreal,” the Reds coach continued. Nevertheless, Liverpool wanted to master this challenge “as well as possible”. “We try to help the boys keep the freshness.”

Jim White asks if Jurgen Klopp should consider quitting Liverpool if they win the quadruple
Therefore, he could not “think about any title” at all at all, although it was “a great season so far”.

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As a rights holder of the Premier League, Bt Sports decides on the matchday and kick-off time termination in England’s highest division. Klopp had denounced the tight schedule of the PL clubs in the past. TV contracts should be adapted to reality, according to the LFC coach.

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