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LOL: Nisqys fatal error before a nunu who shows that the best also fail

In League of Legends there are several golden rules known to every1. They are not written anywhere, but you learn them while you play and you want experience. Among them, we can mention the fact of never pursuing a Singed in its toxic cloud, the prohibition of playing Teemo Top to preserve the soul of him or the obligation to buy a mercury fajín against a Malzahar. But Singed is not the only champion that avoids races…

Nisqy continues on the Fnatic bench and while he waits to formalize the next destination of him, he continues to entertain us during his streaming sessions. The Belgian mounted a show and once again gave us a great time to frame: the infinite persecution of him in a nunu faster than Usain Bolt. You probably guessed it, that must have gone wrong, otherwise, we would not have told you. In addition to having the point of view of nisqy , we also have an additional reaction of trayton , who was in the call with the Midlaner.

This Nunu Player Is Tilting Nisqy In EUW SoloQ!!

Nunu, between the Sprint and the Marathon

Judging only by the appearance of him, Nunu seems a bit clumsy. But in reality, the champion is very mobile. Whether it is with the passive of it that gives a movement speed bonus or with its famous snowball that he shoots, the character has a very good speed in spacious streets. But that is not the only trick under my sleeve. Nunu is a tank champion that can absorb a good amount of damage. When we add the ability to regenerate it, we obtain a fighter as hard as a marathon runner.

Nisqy and Trayton could measure Nunu’s power at your expense. They began to persecute it not far from the dragon (lower part of the map) before pursuing it up to the upper lane. And despite the attacks and numerous mass controls suffered (slowing Karma, the provoking of Shen, the trundle ice pillar…), the Yeti endured. Beat but not sunk, he managed to survive and frustrate the enemies of him, who ran after him for nothing.

Worse yet, a tunnel vision force, Nisqy and teammates were eliminated as bruises by Ilia, a little too angry for having invaded her area. It may be a little bad, but although this type of situation happens very often in our games, it is a relief to see that professionals are also in the sauce! We do not have the same ELO , but we have the same problems.

However, Nunu deserves a nerf?

Nisqy can say that he is “a shit champion” and he seems far from being op. With only one 4.2% popularity and, above all, 48.5% WinRate , the modest statistics of him speak for him. Although the game mode of it can be really frustrating (mobility, Ultimate hidden in a bush, ability to steal neutral objectives…), it is still quite limited. Whether yesterday, today or tomorrow, Nunu will remain a pretty average champion, which is often recommended for beginner jungles .

What distorts a bit The focus is that Nunu is a champion very valued by some OTP, especially in Europe. These OTP ( One-Trick Pony ) dominate the character perfectly and, sometimes, this domain is the problem. However, this is not enough to require a nerve and the great Yeti should be able to continue rhery with total security.

Foto: Riot Games

Knight Squad gets a new generation suite

Chainsawesome Games has officially confirmed that Knight Squad 2 will come out later this year. The original Knight Squad has accumulated a basis of fans of 1.8 million players and Knight Squad 2 will offer an even more chaotic gameplay. Up to eight players can participate in more than 13 competitive modes with Knight Squad 2 and will offer a crossed game between Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. The Suite of Knight Squad will come out this holiday season on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Windows PC.

“The original Knight Squad has an incredible community and our team is pleased to announce that we come back with a sequel,” said Laurent Mercure, Communications Manager at Chainsawesome Games. “After past years playing with you, growing up as a creative and listening to your comments, we are looking forward to gathering everything when we launch Knight Squad 2 later.” We look forward to seeing what Chainsawesome Games is doing with Knight Squad after such a chaotic pleasure with the original. With 13 game modes in Knight Squad 2, there will be a lot of variety in the gameplay when leaving later this year.

Chainsawesome Games gave players an idea of ​​some game modes to expect in Knight Squad 2 such as Capture The Flag, Payload, Minion Master and Royal Battle. The game will include local multiplayer and online, including crossed game between Xbox platforms and PC. Knight Squad’s original weapons and bonuses are back along with new ones such as ghosts, landmines and laser pistols. Chainsawesome Games announced that Knight Squad 2 would take care of English, French, Italian, German and Spanish in language options.

BTS of Owen Joyner’s Monster Transformation ???? | Knight Squad | Nick

Will you play at Knight Squad 2 when leaving later this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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