Before starting the World Cup, and to fill with content and create hype with the tournament, many content creators, tracked the classification of League of Legends of the players to follow to see how they develop in this Solo server that So much frustration and controversial statements have left over the last years.

Throughout October , content creators will be hands to work to see the games of the best players of the event, see what champions play and if this trend, later, moves to the drafts of his team. This year, The number of content creators who can see it live , and luckily for the Hispanic community, we have two of them with the rights to see them and react in their channels have been restricted

Minute and Skin can issue this content on their channels

Those in charge of issuing these items will be Minute and Skin . The former Giants and the LVP analyst will seek to generate the best content following the best players on the planet. At the moment, Skin has not announced people to accompany him on this path, while Minute will feature Caracalla and Quentin, although he is open to other content creators also participate in their direct.

A hard selection process

One of the great victims for this limited access to see the champions that is ** ashram. That reinvent, to some extent, its content for the event :: Grateful to the mentions for the Champions, and I would like to participate one day, but I also have to focus on my channel in October. It is not good to be 24/ 7 In other channels. Most of the month I will make the content I want as I can with the media you have.

Fails, from Riot, comments on the difficulties of the process and expects more content creators to join this in coming years: Access to the Champions League to observe from outside NA is something super limited, and it is a lucky that we can have Skin and Minute doing it with these projects. I hope to have more but it was complicated. I hope it is the beginning of a trend for the future.