There are so many great things to do at Hogwarts Legacy, it is enough to make your head go around.
From inventing potions until you have friends with local flora and fauna and create its own operations base within the starting boarding school, there are many attractive activities to keep all magicians and teaching witches occupied.
During your elaboration time, you will soon want to venture to a small store called Dog weed and Death cap.


If you are wondering where to find Dog weed and Death cap in Hogwarts Legacies is what you need to know.

How to find Dog weed and Death cap at Hogwarts Legacy

Unlike many of the other stores in Hogsmeade, which are located in the city center, Dog weed and Death cap are in a slightly different location.
In a nutshell, to find Dog weed and Death cap at Hogwarts Legacy, you must go to the north from Hogsmeade.
It is not a walk too far, although we have highlighted where to go on the map below in case you have problems finding it:
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What do Dog weed and Death cap sell at Hogwarts Legacy?

Once you get to Dog weed and Death cap, talk to Beatrice Green and you can buy several seeds and combat tools.
Specifically, this is what Beatrice offers in his store:
Chinese cabbage seeds to chew-600 coins
Mandatory seeds-800 coins
Venous Testicular Seeds-1,050 coins
Fertilize-300 coins
Chinese cabbage to chew-300 coins
Mandragora-500 coins
Venerating Tentacular-600 coins
So what do you know?: That is all you need to know about where to find Dog weed and Death cap at Hogwarts Legacy.
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