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Crafting The Perfect Team For Xiao: Genshin Impacts Best Compositions That Utilize Yaksha

Xiao is among the favorites of the Genshin Impact community that always celeates their wraps.
The five stars is a spear user and has fast attacks.

Unlike your build, which can sometimes be challenging, your team compositions are often quieter, with characters that are usually present between the players’ arsenal.


Xiao has a great resonance with eggs such as Albedo and Zwingli, which usually appear in team formations with Yaks ha.
In addition to a squire like Arc hon is an advantageous option for protecting Xiao, as it will be more vulnerable when using its Supreme.
The character needs a support that can restore his life and assist him with damage buffs to stimulate his offense.
A battery also needs to be between team formation to help Xiao at the high cost of your Supreme.
The compositions can be made in many ways, Xiao is a DPS that can stand out alone and the others will almost just help you with some buffs and rebuffs.

Option 1: Maiden, Zwingli and Tarzan

Xiao needs a battery to recharge the energy of his supreme, such as Vent and Necrosis, which can generate elemental resonance.
But for those who prefer an elemental variety in the team, Maiden is also an effective option.
In addition to sustaining the team, Arc hon can also take the front line as secondary DPS and its high application of electron damage can be scattered by the Yaks ha Animus.
Without Vent or Necrosis in this team Xiao can still have elemental resonance with Tarzan, resulting in Anemia agility.


The effect decreases stamina consumption by 15%, increases movement speed by 10%and decreases reload of skill by 5%.
As a support, Tarzan will still decrease the animus resistance of enemies and increase the animus damage, paving the way for Xiao attacks.
Zwingli is the shield needed for Xiao, as prolonged use of the Supreme will make Yaks ha have his life diminished and is more vulnerable.
With the jade shield, allies decrease the elemental and physical resistance of all enemies by 20% in a small area.
In addition to other buffs and rebuffs that will accompany the team thanks to the passive of arc once.

Option 2: Albedo, Jean and Zwingli

This composition is the most standard for Xiao and used by many players.
Although Zwingli and Albedo can act as secondary DPS, here Xiao stands out alone and the pair can function as a support, as with Jean.
The double of Gets and a pair of An emos will allow the resonance of geography durability and agility anemia.
With Geo, the strength of the shield increases by 15%.
In addition, when the character is protected by the shield, it has the following effects: damage caused increases by 15%, however, when causing damage to enemies, resistance against the geography element of enemies decreases by 20% by 15s.
Jean will be responsible for the cure of allies and battery for the Supreme of Xiao.
With its C4, it can further help DPS by decreasing the animus resistance of opponents.

Option 3: Elan, Bennet and Tarzan

It is possible to form a more economical team for Xiao, with Elan, Bennet and Tarzan.
In this formation, Elan will be secondary DPS and will provide continuous hydro off the field, which can react with Bennet Pro for vaporization reaction.
The four stars will function as a support, with your attack bonus you can cure the allies, ideal for Xiao, as your life will be spent during the use of the Supreme.
In this team, Tarzan will again decrease the animus resistance of enemies and give Xiao bonus damage, and when it has its C6, the Tarzan Supreme will provide increased critical damage to Xiao.

Dofus Touch: Guide and stuff of the Fire steamer, Dofusbook

The Steamer Fire on Dofus Touch benefits from a fairly complete spell kit. This guide will help you choose your Steam Fire stuff depending on your level. If you want to change class, you will find everything you need on our global guide to the Dofus Touch classes.

Renière update: May 2022

Guide to stuff your Fire steamer on Dofus Touch

Remember that, if you have subscribed to an Elite pack, you can reset your statistics between each fight. Adapt your stats to your stuff and your goal, always favoring Intelligence , then vitality.

Earth, fire, or water, the steamer can choose! It benefits from the same levels of characteristics as Pandawa on Dofus Touch.

To play your Fire steamer on Dofus Touch, you are advised to go up up to 300 points in intelligence . Then, adapt your statistics by increasing for example your vitality.

Regarding spells, some will be up to level 6 as soon as possible. Others will have to mount level 2, 3, or 4, or even not to go up.

Main spells (level 6)
Filibuste – Harponneuse – Evolution – DSO – GUARDIAN – VAPORT – Aspiration – Tactory – first aid – Selpâtre – Emblush – Cuirass

Secondary spells
Liberation – Flamiche – Cawotte – Current – Salt Armor – Refers – Tide – Long view – Break the soul

If you don’t play Dofus Touch , this guide also exists for Dofus and Retro Dofus.


Level 20

Level 30

Level 40

Level 50

Level 60

Level 70

Level 80

Level 90

Level 100

Level 110

Level 120

Level 130

Level 140

Level 150

Level 160

Level 170

Level 180

Level 190

Level 199

Level 200

With the 1.54 update in early 2022, the panoplic and object bonuses 1 to 200 have been improved. Thus, several items have become much more important and interesting for your stuff.

Level 20

DOFUS TOUCH- STEAMER 150 MULTI DO POU - présentation stuff

Steamer Stuff The late LVL 23

Anneau du Piou Rouge Ring of the Mental Amulet Du Piou Rouge Hammer of the Insider Sandals of the Red Piou Bouclier from the Tourist agency Cape du Piou Rouge Red Piout Red Hat Dofuwa

Retour in summary

Level 40

Steamer Stuff The late lvl 43

Anneau du Prestpic Ring of Bouze Le Clerc Amulet Du Bouftou Hammer of Bouftou Boufbottes Shield from the Tourist Cape Bouftou Cape Bouftou Coifty Du Bouftou Dofawa

Retour in summary

Level 60

Steamer Stuff The late lvl 67

Gelano Blopanneau Griotteau Griotblop Griotte Grod Rod Bloptes Griottes Ftalmo jules Yanos Blotture Griotte Boufcoiffe Royale Savant Minor Ravoor Fire Minor Caregiver Minor Doctor C minor Clever examiner minor Dragodindus plum and emeraude

Retour in summary

Level 80

Steamer Stuff The late LVL 84

_Blopanneau Griotte Royal Gelano Amublop Griotte Royale God Rod Blottes Royales Grinder Taverne Buckle Cape Of Jules Yanos Winds Boufcoiff Royal Savant Doctor Doctor Minor Career Minor Saccling Fire Minor Clear Examine

Retour in summary

Level 110

Steamer Stuff the late lvl 111

Gelano Blopanneau Griotte Royal Ouassulette The Baguette of Limbs Photic Boots Shield of Corbac Cape Plean Phossil Powerful Belt Cuach Hood for the Turbulent Examinator Doctor Corner Fire Saccling Dragodinder and Emeraude

Retour in summary

Level 130

Steamer Stuff Fire LVL 130

Gelano Alliance of Elya Wood Amulet Du Royalmouth The Baguette of Limbs Phossil Boots Shield of Corbac Phossil Cape Royalmouth Ceiff of the Royalmouth Savant Sunteur Examinator Doctor Doctor Cracking Fire Fire Dragodinde Pruc and Emeraude

Retour in summary

Level 150

Steamer Stuff The late lvl 158

Anneau Frage Gelano Collier du Minotot The Waraji Limboe Wand of Celestial Bound Shield Corbac Cape of Celestial Bumper Celestial Bumper Celestial Mask Major Shark Maggist Docute Tirbulent Corner MAJOR CAPCING MADOR DOFUS POURPRE DOFUS DRAGODIND PLUN and EMERAUDE

Retour in summary

Stuffs for a late thl steamer on dofus

After several balancing, the steamer is in a rather satisfactory state. Neither too powerful nor too weak, it fits properly into the teams without shining. You can benefit from rather varied modes, full damage including full support. On the other hand, on the side of the distance/melée options, the latter will be found above all a little behind. It will therefore be necessary to favor half-distance modes as much as possible, or a good Do CRI mode to explode everything in its path with ambush.

Level 190

The Limbo wand is an excellent alternative to Gelano and allowing to be more flexible in its choices of stuff. We are based here on Nileza or Padgref panoplics. They offer either beautiful resistances, intelligence and initiative, or pure damage. You can also find the XA items since update 1.54, bringing a PA object to complete and offer a little flexibility.

The links

Steamer Stuff The late LVL 191

Anneau du Braconnier Gelano Collier Kléctik The Baguette Boots Boots of the Baconnier Tratacchaire Shield Slip Sillet Noze Clear Helmet Added Turbulent Docteur Dofus Purple Major Sacor Saccosseur Majeur Dracodinde Plum and Emeraude


Gelano Padgref Ring Amulette de Nileza Pelle from Professor Xa Getas De Padgref Shopper Trooll Hunter Freshity Sailing Coiffing Turbulent Padgref Major Shaving Dofus Purple Dofus Turquoise Crassoise Dofus Emerald Dragodinde Prune and Emeraude

Retour in summary

Level 200

As with other levels, opt for a stuff suitable for your budget . Adopt at least one of each category (damage, ret or survival, 12/5) to be as effective as possible. In addition, with a small starting sum, it is also quite possible to evolve as you go. Start with a set of lowcost equipment, do some quests, add items and get objects over time to make variants. As a player without too much income, do not sell your stuff! They can serve you later, or in variants.

_ explanations _

Here you can find sets with several possibilities to be adapted according to your desires for withdrawal or damage. Nothing prevents you from adding exos, withdraw, replace a PA item, etc. Again, do not rest in a single set to win all the fights and build your own library of objects.

The links

Steamer Stuff Fire LVL 200

Anneau de Padgref Alliance de Missiz Fricizz Secular Arc Corrupted Arc Hyum Boots Hym Boots Cape Oflère Cellère Skill Coiffing Coiffer Dofus Purple Dofushu Dofus Dofus Turquoise Turbulent Kwaltess


Alliance of the spectral bandit Gloursonne Ring Amuletne of Nileza Arc Corrupted Arc Spectral Bandit Shield Ink Sailing Cerene Spectral Mask Dofus Spectral Bandit Dofus Emerald Emerald Dofus Dofus Turquoise DOFUS OCRE KWALTESS

Retour in summary

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