Enpixel (co-representative Bae Bong-gun, Jung Hyun-ho) announced on the 4th that it will donate 50 million won for the sale of ‘Grandaga’ for its difficult neighbors.

The donation was raised by adding the entire profits of the art book sales issued by the company, and to be used for the improvement of residential environment, education and treatment costs, and life support for neighbors who are difficult to live through non-profit organizations such as the Good Neighbors and the Milal Welfare Foundation. to be.

Enpixel received a great response from the sale of artbooks in March, with the use of donations to users, and the users also sympathized with the purpose and exhausted all prepared in two weeks of the art book sales.

An official of En Pixel said, I hope that it will be used in a good place as it is a donation that is made by the first artbook of ‘Grandaga’, and it is a good place to be used in a good place. I thank you once.

Meanwhile, Enpixel is a game developer founded in September 2017, and has been developing a number of new projects following the first project ‘Grandaga’, and has been launching and operating a disabled athlete since September last year.