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Pokemon Go: How to complete the missions of the adventure challenge of the Adventure Week event 2022

In addition to the chiefs of incursion, the missions and other novelties, the 2022 Go-Go Summ Success, hence we have prepared a guide to offer you all the details about it.

How to complete the missions of the adventure challenge of the adventure week 2022 event

On this occasion you will have to leave yes or yes to the street if you want to carry out this new challenge, because the objective of most of its missions consists of to walk a certain amount of kilometers . For each one that you perform successfully they will give you an incubator, so that it is a greater incentive when opening eggs.

Beyond all this, among other objectives you will have to spin poképaradas and obtain a few candies with your fellow Pokémon. The most advisable thing is to select a Pokémon that requires that you walk very a few kilometers, such as Gyarados, with which you will receive a caramel for every kilometer that you walk.

All missions will be available until June 12 and to finish them you will take 5,000 experience points, 2,500 star powders and also three rare candies.



It is 5 kilometers
Incubator x1

It is 10 kilometers
Incubator x1

It is 25 kilometers
Incubator x1

Tour 50 Poképaradas

Meeting with Tyrunt

Get 5 candies with your partner Pokémon
Meeting with Amaura

Legends Pokemon: Arceus led the sales lists of January in the USA

NPD Group has published the best-selling video game lists and consoles in the United States during the month of January.

With regard to Hardware PlayStation 5 was the best-selling console, and also the one that generated more income. Curiously Switch falls to third, given that during the first month of 2022 Xbox series X / S consoles also sold more than Nintendo’s hybrid.

In software lists, however, Nintendo Switch is the winner, being Pokémon legends: Arceus the best-selling video game during the month of January.

How to Get All Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Legends Arceus
The arrival of PC versions also produces a spectacular increase in sales of Monster Hunter Rise and God of War, both situating comfortably on the Top Ten, and premiere of the latest Spider-Man movie has also caused an increase in sales of Spider-Man: Thousands Morales.

The SPIN-OFF of Insomniac Games, by the way, has already become the third video game that has generated for Sony since 1995, only behind Marvel’s Spider-Man and the 2018 God of War.

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